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I would like to do this also make it a all day event, or even all weekend, if we can get alot of people in on this I think it would be an amazing event.I know my whole family (5) would be all for it w + 344 more characters
I wish they had a Hardees hear in miles city lol I miss there food...
looking for a good carpet cleaning company
Thank you all for your help, my family and I have secured housiing. It is so hard to find housing in Miles city. A huge thank you to my dear friends Tony & abigail for everthing you guys did for me an + 489 more characters
looked at a trailer for rent and the management team is a husband and wife, we should qualify to rent it we have steady income and are a good christian family. the trailer home has everything we need + 436 more characters
got a hold of Brad and he said he didn't have anything available. hopefully we can find a place soon. As we have a great relationship with our former landlords we have always paid our rent on time. We + 73 more characters
I heard from a local that there is a 2 bedroom trailer home coming up for rent over by the hospital. I am in need to find a place soon and would be interested in information, on this particular rental + 302 more characters
So excited my wife and youngest children 18, 13 will be arriving this evening I have missed them so much haven't seen them for two weeks now. They are driving here from spokane area, please keep them + 403 more characters
thank you for the information truely appreciate it. I can not wait for my wife and children to get here.
My family and I are Christians by faith I would love to find a good youth group for them to attend here in miles city. Does anyone know of times and days where youth 19, 18, 13 boys can go and meet in + 366 more characters
Hey just wanted to say that I think what you are doing helping folks in the community is pretty awesome. this makes me so proud to be a part of a truely caring community. Keep up the good work. I know + 215 more characters
it was me that found something but I am not saying what it is on an open forum. I am glad it was me that found it and not someone that is dis-honest. I turned it in, cause it was the right thing to do + 1 more characters
I know that I am not perfect in any way shape or form, and I know that there are people out there in the Miles city community who don't care about the people they hurt, I am not here to point out who + 1110 more characters
I just want you all to know how much I appreciate all those people here in miles city that have ben so kind and offering us invitations to your churches, I am so happy to say my wife and 2 other child + 515 more characters
Does anyone know how much it costs for miles city community college gym membership monthly
My wife and children are very inportant to me I feel tht I need to bring my whole family with me to church and I am very sad due to they are still back home packing up to move here while I am securing + 738 more characters
I Just want to say thank you to everyone who has been so helpful and kind, Thank you all for being so welcoming, I a hoping that once my wife and two other son's move over things will start to get bac + 489 more characters
Miles city is an awesome community, I absolutely am impressed with how careing this community is, although we are just re-locating to your town and don't have much of anything at all. my son and I are + 93 more characters
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