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Fisrt to the Selk Family, I am sorry that you all were given a rough time by the Donco...I am sorry Bronco fans, nice to hear they finally win a game against a depleted team and they all shout for Teb + 969 more characters
So last evening about oh I would say 6:45 P.M. my wife and I get a knock on our door, and thanks to our fellow Miles City.commers we know there is a chance it is a Kirby saleman/saleswoman. My wife is + 1101 more characters
Kay was a wonderful lady, my wife and I have known her for it seems like forever, she was thoughtful loving and kind and will be missed. The family will be in our thoughts and prayers in hopes that th + 47 more characters
Yes same score as last weekend Shu. Very sloppy game lots of mental mistakes and penalties, some which you expect with a young team some which you do not expect. Defense was very tough this evening, M + 289 more characters
Nice to see that a topic about a well pitched ballgame has turned into a mincing of words. "Stick it it in your a** Reed" How wonderful...NOT! If you prefer to name call and argue please do so in pers + 145 more characters
Let us also know that the Tampa Bay Rays are the third ranked offense in MLB, and Buerhle shut them down. Also mention the fact that the White Sox took three of four from the Rays. Even though this wa + 298 more characters
As a huge White Sox fan I am totally jacked over the perfect game pitched by Sox lefty Mark Buehrle. This well pitched game was saved in the 9th inning on the great catch by Dewayne Wise. Great game B + 38 more characters
Cliff Silva does a great job for a good price wife and I were in Cody Wyoming this past weekend, on Saturday we walk into the Buffalo Bill Museum. We head right over to the place where you pay your admission fee, and are helped by a young + 323 more characters
My wife and I live two doors down from where the fire took place here on Roberts, the traffic this past two days has been amazing. We used to see the children out playing from time to time, so preciou + 468 more characters
I am glad that Patty and I had the chance to speak via the telephone and talk about the issues, and in fact we have both issued the other a well deserved apology. I am also looking forward to working + 411 more characters
I would like to first say that I am a HUGE soccer fan, I love the sport and have coached and officiated the sport for 7 years of my life, more on that later. Julie, Laurie, and last but not least Patt + 4302 more characters
Julie Krutzfeld is the best, she helped me this past summer with some issues relating to my ex-wife not allowing me to see my children. She also helped us when the kids were here for a summer, in spea + 221 more characters
I am hoping that the elected officials realize what they are doing to the city and county population, at this point I am sure they do not care, seems to me thier little EGOS are all they care about! I + 93 more characters
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