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The Christmas Bird count will be held on Saturday December 17. If you are interested in participating or would like more information contact Jennifer Muscha email: [email protected]
We will be doing the annual Christmas Bird count on Sunday, December 21st. We are looking for volunteers who would like to either drive, walk, hike and identify birds or you can simply identify the bi + 270 more characters
Observation forms are available at the library for those who would like to count birds in their backyard or around their area on Saturday Dec. 14th
We have to pick one day between December 14th and January 4th to spend the day observing birds in a specific 15 mile radius circle (Miles City is approximately in the middle of the circle). I chose th + 399 more characters
We will be conducting the Christmas Bird Count on Saturday, December 14th. I am looking for anyone with backyard birdfeeders who would be willing to record the number of birds in their backyard on tha + 181 more characters
The Miles City Christmas Bird Count will be held on December 29th. We will meet at the library at 8 am to designate birding routes to all who wish to particpate. There is also an opportunity to just c + 229 more characters
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