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Thanks all!
I'm looking for anyone to give me an honest opinion about which Internet provider I should go with. I'm only interested in purchasing Internet access. I am not sure whether to go with Mid Rivers or ce + 199 more characters
almost every single day somebody moves or destroys more barricades at the construction site. sometimes multiple times a day. what those individuals doing that don't understand is that every time they + 92 more characters
I would like to remember my best childhood friend Todd Gregory Burgerson, who died in the year 2000 at the tender age of 13 years old. I would also like to remember the cat that I named after him, who + 171 more characters
Staying Aware of the Weather Ready, Set, Go: This is the mindset we want people to be in when it comes to being prepared for hazardous weather. Ready: At this stage, the National Weather Service sees + 2506 more characters
Good idea to offer to help! You find some treasures from what he won't want!
I took this pic today actually. I know this is just one of the many disasters. It is sad to see it like this.
Valley Drive East sure is gross anymore. Why doesn't the city have regulations against this? Don't get me wrong, I don't want anyone telling me what color I can paint my house, but this is a hazard a + 59 more characters
I should have dug more. I wonder what I could have found! Did they tear down an old house and bury it or what do you think brought these thing together five feet below?
April 18-22, 2011. The National Weather Service (NWS) offices in Montana are sponsoring the severe weather awareness week. This information is provided in order to inform you on the different types of + 163 more characters
April 18-22 is SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS WEEK IN MONTANA. Follow this link for more information! url
This is one of the jars I found with that token. It says "kerkoff Paris France" on the front. One side says "90cc"
VERY TRUE! Mammatus are "butt" clouds I beleive. Mammatus clouds are a sign on possible severe weather in the area.
Becoming a storm spotter not only benefits our community, it also empowers you as an individual. You will learn basic knowledge about severe summer weather so you can keep you and your family safe. La + 238 more characters
I have a female cat with thumbs. She is the most friendly even tempered cat I have ever had.
I get it. lol
All of this information is great! I really found buried treasure, even if it isn't worth much $ it's still full of Miles City History. Maybe I will try to upload some pics of the jars I found it with. + 278 more characters
The National Weather Service in Billings will be in Miles city on wednesday april 20th to conduct their annual storm spotter training session. The seminar lasts about 2 hours and begins at 7 pm in roo + 758 more characters
How amazing that I should be digging in such a spot to find this! I wonder how long ago this was made?
Very cool indeed. I wonder how old is hanks tire shop was?
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