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Whatever it is about, and whether or not it is "worth the $$$", it sure made a LOT of money at the box office. Sure, a lot of crap movies make a lot of money, but from what I gather, it is a decent m + 1029 more characters
what are the hours of operation?
Man Josh.. she was just pointing out something that was deemed interesting to her and she wanted to share. If you are worried about bandwidth or whatever, it would have been nice to point that out NIC + 108 more characters
So.. let's see if I understand this... you are saying this is ok? You lie to your wife.. I suppose people can say "who doesnt?" but you just admitted this. Not bashing you for lying to your wife, ju + 417 more characters
dont forget "cents" And.. to the above poster... NOT THE COOKIES!!!!! Choc chip even...
Whoa... I doubt they did it on purpose OR by an act of stupidity. They werent told about it so they didnt KNOW about it.. things happen. I might just be careful on who you call stupid (yes, the conte + 338 more characters
thought it was one of them rare amazonian albino walnuts
Ok... Now who here has seen KIDS while riding their BIKES... on Main st.... TEXTING!!?? (raises hand) I have.. But.. I admit I do talk on cell phone if driving.. I answer.. I dont dial.. (maybe)
I laughed.. my mother was diagnosed to Paranoid schizophrenia way back.. takes her meds and does fine.. but i still laughed at the joke in the original post.. cuz it was a JOKE posted in the HUMORe an + 145 more characters
I wonder if that's the same Michael E Moore that sometimes posts here at That would be cool...
Im a PC
"For those curious, the new site uses the same database as here (well, actually, it's the other way around -- this old site has slowly and silently been migrated to use the new database and its schema + 189 more characters
46. "Upper-level Lows" Weatherism
Dang.. title of the topic led me to believe that this was going to be about the Human size Chess scene in Mel Brook's History of the World part 1...
I am very much a liberal person... ...with how much coffee I pour in my cup... and ..with how much shampoo I use.. (so I dont need to repeat after I rinse)
Maybe I will start selling custom wood based pedestals (with cup holders)
Currently using DSL.. not sure if I am liking as much.. Trying to decide if I want to switch... can save 20 bucks by switching AND getting the 10m download... What are some opinions and thoughts? Than + 49 more characters
Of course stop and ask.. and call parents, police, or whoever needs to be called...
how about in a miniature hot-air balloon? Then have it transmit wirelessly to the server or whatever... of course the winds would be a problem.. JK... Seriously.. a location where we could see the pro + 36 more characters
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