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It shouldn't be, but it probably is.
"Step two is requesting your child be tested to see what services they qualify for in developing an IEP. There are specific tests that you should request; at a minimum the CTOPP test and the Woodcock- + 1623 more characters
I attended MCC and every one of my credits transfered. I was more than pleased with my experience at MCC and find that I now encourage others to start at MCC.
+1. I enjoyed reading the above post. Thank you.
Brandon Toney has a pretty bad sprain right now and has been on crutches all week. They still don't know if he will play on Saturday.
Get a grip Kacey.
What the hell is Cowboy football? That's all the announcers say over and over. "They need to get back to Cowboy football." What does this mean...
Why do you defer to Josh? He never responds and you seem to know all the stats. I like your info because it is straight to the point and lacks the BS of others.
Brian, Do you have any idea how the game will look tomorrow? Stats and other insights?
I like this thread.
Who do you think will be the top picks for varsity? If the team is young this year, will there be any stand outs from the JV squad that are coming up? Are there any returning?
Bob L. your assumption that I am a "pro-lifer" is also wrong.
Smiley- Why do the majority of your posts demonstrate your intimidation of those that participate in an organized religion or have faith in a higher power? You note things such as the support from the + 376 more characters
What is the airline that flies from Miles City to Denver?
You won't regret it!
Dallas Wildman at Clipper Ship Salon. 232-0117
Clipper Ship Salon 2503 Main Street Open M-F 7:45 a.m.-6:00 p.m.
Dead...to my understanding.
I don't know you Aaron, nor do I care to ever see, speak or physically hear your voice. I find your posts incredibly ignorant. Since you have been unable to understand how your ignorance is so over th + 108 more characters
I agree with you Amorette, but it is easier said than done.
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