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Brian you did that ALL for just ME?!?!?! How nice of you. Your information is so helpful. Note all those who did win, scored more than those who lost...
a little cranky eh Brian... Still too complicated, I will simplify my response more points than the other team = (that's an equals sign) win
Brian said: "whichever team runs harder, hits harder, executes its game plan more effectively and minimizes mistakes will win. I believe you failed to mention, scores more points than the other team. + 33 more characters
Oh I thought you were lost at Riverside, I was gonna say....
Leanne- maybe you and your mother should mind your own biz. What right does your mother have to dictate how people spend their food stamps. I think a mooning was in order to an opinionated wretch.
GARTH BROOKS!!!!! The Eagles! Credence Clearwater Revisted (I know, I know) It would be Elton John if Billings people weren't biggots
imagine Josh, who knows all, makes everything negative and about him. No one in MC likes you let alone repects you.
Smiley, What is the youth hockey incident?
i hope it's at least 100 degrees and you pitch the tent on an ant hill or it's rains sooo much it floods you jokes out
Yes, "Explore the possibilities." Not make the jump
Mule... there is strong indications that you have no idea what you're talking about. Montana will not move up until: Appy State, Richmond, Villinova, and Georgia Southern move up. Montana will not bla + 23 more characters
That's opposed to a funeral that does not go well?
Josh, has it ever occured to you at all, you are not the end all, say all on every bit of information?
here's a Question: Who really killed JFK? If not you... prove it
1998 called they want their joke back
josh is all bread and little bone
I am the biggest Griz fan ever... never question the determination of a grizzly bear!!!! Ask South Dakota State. Go Griz!!
David, I nearly wet my pants. that was good
Gunnar Glad you used the visual aide. I thought you were talking about the 3 A.M. bathroom trip after inferno wings.
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