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Thanks Cindy Anna was born 1888 and died 1981. I don't know of a Katherine Miller. So, I wonder if this is another Anna Roberts. I expected her to be buried with her husband, who died first. Then agai + 269 more characters
If you are asking me this question -- my understanding from another on this site, is that Roberts family homestead was in Knowlton hills.
Hi I am researching the family of Albert "Montana Bill" Roberts and his wife Anna Vaule Roberts. Anna is my 1st cousin twice removed. I wonder if there is anything interesting about his family in the + 438 more characters
Is there anywhere the people in some of these photos (stockmen in front of bar??) are identified? Just curious...
I am researching the family of Albert "Montana Bill" Roberts and his wife, Anna Vaule Roberts. I wonder if they are buried at the Custer County Cemetery. I have an unconfirmed date of death (but not + 713 more characters
About his marriage & birth -- I found two unsourced records on It shows the same marriage information. However, the birth record shows his birth as 20 July 1873 in Yellow Town, Galli + 1237 more characters
Thank you for this. Actually, I found the census records. I was hoping someone could fill in the blanks about what became of everyone. I know that Lilly died young in Ismay and that Rolla & James migr + 419 more characters
I am related to Anna Vaule (b 1888 in Norway), the wife of Albert Roberts (b 1873 in Ohio). I have found a record of ten children -- Daisy Mae, Ralph L, Lilly N, Rolla G, Roy/Ray I, Violet R, Rose A, + 80 more characters
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