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I'd think machine learning has come far enough to put a muzzle on Groupthink.
Definitely can't squeeze in a voice of reason.
He didn't, but that he thinks it's applicable says all I need to know about him.
His name is really Arron, he was bigsky and milescity and probably a handful of other aliases. I figure he just got out of jail or scrounged up enough to get his Internet turned back on for a month.
Thank you, Tom with two M's. You demonstrate the problem in a perfect little wing-nutshell.
Arron, you need to get right to the ER, you're having an acute case of stupid, again. I'm very sorry those 7 million people will have to take time out of their busy lives to find new policies that are + 375 more characters
Arron's heart bleeds for the poor liberal states who would foot the bill for Montanans. Oh, and Arron, this is why it's so much more complicated than you will ever understand... That ten dollar invest + 536 more characters
You know we're certifiable when we turned down the Medicaid expansion. It can only be out of concern for the welfare of taxpayers in densely populated states that we refuse ten dollars of return on ev + 307 more characters
Good answer.
She is probably getting subsidies because she has a low-wage job serving ice cream or something.
Glad to hear it!
Getting stoned with a hooker, Gunnar? (Not judging your response, judging your location.)
Very nice pic. Makes me want to get a line in.
Ike, I'll send you cash and you can match it and find someone to donate it to. I wish I could do more, but it's going to be another 30+ years before I have the benefit of Social Security and Medicare.
So shannon repeated the 10th grade a couple (dozen) times. Doesn't seem that unlikely.
Pray in one hand, shit in the other...
That's for tax purposes.
It takes more than 10 teabaggers to outlaw abortions.
David, I don't have any heifers. I think it would be nice if we might pool our money to buy some, rather than donating cash that those Dakotans will just spend on booze and hookers.
Let's put our money where our mouth is. Having giant brains and sitting in front of a computer all day does pay pretty well. Larry, would it be difficult to set something up where we could chip in don + 77 more characters
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