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Mothers day weekend, the vendor show will also be the same weekend in the building next to the one the gun show is in!
Lisa cadwell at holy rosary is a family doc, but she is awesome my kods and i both love her as a doc, she is very personable and listens to what u have to say, she also check all ur needs and makes su + 42 more characters
My bad I wrote that wrong, yes the one that hit baker did significant damage the one that didn't do much or any damage is the one I was talking about that hit east of baker!
2 tornados hit one in town and the 2nd south of town from what I've been told from friends and family! No damage as far as they can tell!
yes it's a very sad time right now and the family appreciates all positive thoughts and prayers!
Yes it is true, the car slid off the road and went through the fence! It was that early in the morning! The driver walked the passenger passed!
Ask Fred or one of the guys at the desk at tire Rama!
See but the owner and several over people have said as well that no one injured, i hope not but if so i hope for a speedy recovery
Always check a cashiers check with UR bank to make sure before U cash it, same on Craigslist and any other site,
Well unfortunately awhile back coleman the owner of gus the gutter man passed away and his son ans grandson have taken over for him! Their still doing business around the area and keeping the business + 7 more characters
Stupid costs right? if so what are the prices
That is pretty neat...ill have to do that for my son...
Well i think we have our answer lol we did not hear nor see them they must be on Wednesday...
I heard that 500 fine was here too...
"""I don't think burning our country down is a good way to celebrate anymore.""" I 2nd this....but at the same time u said that it was a way to celebrate our freedom...there will be more years to com + 216 more characters
i donated some infant cloths,diapers,wipes,blankets,body wash,shampoo,lotion,desatin,a mesh laundry basket(to carry stuff in),a couple stuffed animals,some pacifiers,water..and a few other things to j + 114 more characters
IMO good again...there are always better things to do then to play with fire...there will be more years
I agree with the both of u...especially with all the dumb people that dont know how to or dont use them just saying saying in the sense it would suck because its my sons first real 4th. + 2 more characters
posted on facebook at 11:24 pm on june 27th 2012.Q2 Wednesday 10 p.m. Top News Stories: Further evacuations Wednesday night, as winds pick up and the skies fill with more smoke over the wild fire burn + 326 more characters
Thank u oh so very much...i really appreciate it a lot..cause im not really all that computer smart lol...i found yontoo on my computer and removed it but if i still have issues ill ask u for more hel + 20 more characters
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