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The misspellings and incorrect grammar are half the fun.
Gotta love Hitchhiker's
Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson-Answering the obvious next question.
Finally RUSH is nominated! As Geddy Lee said "not mainstream, but our own stream that is close to the main stream".
Now that takes me back a ways. Halloween carnival @ the Kinsey School gym.
Of course grammar matters! Grammar is the difference between knowing your crap and knowing you're crap.
That is pretty cool, I don't think I have ever seen a satellite photo of the lake that was that explicit.
That is how things actually work on publicly funded projects. You have mentioned that your husband works for the city. Have him ask Mr. Kelm for a copy of the project specifications, read the 300+ pag + 172 more characters
As a rule,large public works contracts have several funding sources such as USDA, Rural Development, TSEP, CTEP, SRF, etc. with the city or town matching a percentage of total contract. State and fede + 401 more characters
I was going to post about concealed weapons but cannot do better than the misadventures of Lurleen.
Tony wins! One heck of a race & heck of a chase.
I've got to root for Tony only because Carl reminds me of Opie & Richie Cunningham.
The USACOE opened the gates another foot today. they are releasing 35,000 cu.ft./second through the spillway. No matter how you feel about the Corps management plan this is quite a sight.
I'm surprised that no one has said anything about the original post using the word "exceptable".
Just came home from California and Arizona last week and the roads were fine from Idaho Falls through West Yellowstone. But that was almost a week ago and everybody knows how fast things change in tha + 7 more characters
Jimmie's blind drivers need to make a living too. In all seriousness; the Jimmie Johnson Foundation does good works also.
In this country we have the freedom of speech and how you fly the flag is a form of that right. If you want to fly it at half staff because your cousin has a cold that is your right,not very respectfu + 191 more characters
I've heard or read most of the walking/exercise jokes before but the thread still made me laugh. Clicked on it thinking maybe it contained some seriousness.
I can't confirm or deny Helena but I once saw the same pictures and they said it was somewhere in Idaho. Wherever they are it is up close and personal
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