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I really just love the people like luvlife that have an opinion, but do not use their real name! I still say that people using an alias really do not have a valid opinion! OWN IT PEOPLE!
War in the middle east????? Looks like a war right here between the dems and reps. None of you actually know EXACTLY whats going on anyway, so why even speculate? It was so much nicer in the old days + 1225 more characters
ok here it is jeff. but seriously im more worried about the cows eating my backpack! [email protected] tough one huh?
You people have got to be kidding me!
Tomfuschious say one who ride horse in Wendy's Drive thru get TROTS sooner than everyone else!
since I don't post much I must have a life! LOL! way to go Brian!
First things first! regardless of the Law, I beleive that THE MAYOR owes Miles City an apology for infering that Miles City is a HOG WALLER! Furthermore owes an apology to the people of Appalachia for + 551 more characters
You bet it is Chad. i am glad that you did your home work. I meant no harm in my comments. I think it's all a lot of twoddle anyway. Now back to work on my Bugs! A Truck Wash... HMMM Really? Nice touc + 14 more characters
Who is Chad, and how do we know that he knows what the facts are? I at least take responsability for what I say or joke about on here with my full name. What is everyone else afraid of? And I'm NOT sa + 71 more characters
Maybe a month in Pine Hills School would snap him out of it. A threat is a threat is a threat! If I theatened someone, would I not be served a restraining order and more than likely jailed? So easy a + 782 more characters
I blame the Media. We didn't need to know about VT or what happened. Then maybe the kids here would not get crazy idea's like killing people for the lack of things to do. I also called the High School + 788 more characters
Hawkinson, Eric Paul Eric Paul Hawkinson, age 48, of Billings, passed away on Friday, Sept. 1, 2006, at Methodist Hospital in Rochester, Minn., after a courageous battle with a rare blood disease. + 2610 more characters
I wish people would realize that when anyone speaks of politics in the now, THAT there has been a chain of events that happened before the current people came into power that must be delt with! In fac + 317 more characters
Sorry Hal, I forgot that caps on here is like yelling. Pay no mind to that. Maybe I was a little salty the other day, Working to hard on my new store. I think that gas went up to a buck at the end of + 139 more characters
hey Hal, What the heck, I know that you are older than me. I'm 47, and when I did the largest Billings gazzette paper route in Miles City, I was 15 and that was 1974 - 1975 and the price of gas was 35 + 511 more characters
The other person that murdered someone in Miles City around 1980 was August White. He killed a fella from EMI and threw him off the tongue river bridge into the river. He did 25 years and was recently + 110 more characters
As I sit sit in my Yogi bear position and go into my french fry induced trance, I see a vision... From the haze smoke and ashes a new Phoenix from Hardee's shall arise. There could be as many as 8, ye + 207 more characters
When Elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers!
There is a time for War, There is a time for peace, NOW IS NOT THE TIME!
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