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Well of course it is cute. A picture of Kara as a child is always going to be cute, just as a photo of her as an adult is always going to be beautiful! I sure do miss seeing Kara and her equally beaut + 74 more characters
Excellent read. Tesla was definitely a man ahead of his time - and ours, too, for that matter.
Hooray for people with hearts as big as the Montana sky.
Several valid points have been regarding why downtown Miles City buildings aren't being restored, but a couple have been overlooked. First, downtown is no longer at the center of Miles City economical + 4382 more characters
Hey there again Austin8. Your HEAD and HEART are obviously in the right place. Just in case you missed my post in your MY POST thread, you'll be glad to know that there is a way to get put your HANDS + 467 more characters
Hey there Austin8. Keep Miles City Beautiful was founded a few years ago to take positive, constructive, and effective action regarding the problems you've described - and the group could always use m + 116 more characters
Mr. Sartwell's own words couldn't have described his article better if he'd written it himself.
Oh = Frank Hardy - that was an epic post. Grammy-worthy lyrics!
Every time I think I miss the peace, quiet and good-neighborliness of living in a small town, I return to Thank god all I have to worry about these days are good ol' straightforward an + 28 more characters
Sort of like singularity - it's wonderful, unless it's terrible.
Happy Birthday Betty! I've been a bit upside down all week, but thanks to Glenna's expert nursing skills I'm feeling better now and will definitely be back to normal soon. I'd love to see you in the n + 311 more characters
Darn us Ike. It appears we've gone a ruined a perfectly good mud-wrestling thread by being all nicey-nice. When was the last time that happened? The MC.commies are going to give us a good thrashing!
Thanks Ike. I've read it many times. It is a comfort, and while that may be all it is, I'm counting it being much more!
Hi Ike! Good to see you (or at least your post). It is comforting to think of my loved ones in Heaven, and that I'll join them some day. But if my dogs aren't there, too, then it won't be Heaven to m + 332 more characters
That is a brilliant song. Unfortunately, I'm guessing we won't see it on the Top 40 Countdown anytime soon.
Three things pop out to me after reading the entries on this thread: 1) The defenders of the Old Testament authors' and translators' version of God on this thread have adopted the argument that "If yo + 1283 more characters
I think you're wrong about that, Bob. If this photo was taken anywhere near the front lines, my guess is Chris would be hiding under that latrine. Ergo, his shirt would be anything but white.
I already knew that cuz I took first!
Beautiful photos, MR.H. I took several like these before I left and, like the admirer above, used them as the wallpaper on my computer. How are the trails holding up out there?
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