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Thanks for the billing, Hannah. This play is lots of fun and AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION which is scary and fun at the same time.
Thanks for the comment, Steve, the photo in the paper was great. Last night's performance was a huge success. We have two shows today, 3pm and 7pm. It is such a fun play, no one should miss it.
The CCDHS school play this year is so entertaining, it is our (CCDHS drama's) opinion that if you miss it, you will really have missed something. A Delightful Quarantine is about an alien invasion tha + 364 more characters
Since Citizen's United, the amount of advertising went to measuring in tons, not pounds of bull*&%$ and paper. I like to look at the issues that matter to me and how the candidates will represent me + 469 more characters
My daughter Hailey is an aspiring photographer and has entered the Congressional Art Contest, but Representative Rehberg has left the vote to us. Would you please like all 4 of her photos or one befor + 398 more characters
It seems crochet sets are hard to find. I would love to borrow. Traci at the high school 234-4920 extension 269. Thanks.
I tell my students to be "bilingual" to be competitive in the work environment. You don't want to tell a prospective boss when they sit you down that you "hate" Mac or PC. I prefer my Mac, but that i + 352 more characters
Thanks for the suggestions on getting frisbees, we have lots and a great plan for a Folf Course at Pumping Plant Park using laundry baskets and bungee cords. I think a permanent Folf Course somewhere + 341 more characters
I know a lot of local businesses buy frisbees as promotional items. I need about 150 frisbees preferably from local businesses that I can use for a senior class frisbee tournament as part of Senior Pl + 581 more characters
All this talk of pie is making me even more upset that I will have to miss this event for the first time in years. I may have to send a bidder on my behalf.
I have probably made that desert/dessert spelling mistake a thousand times. I think I had to write them over and over when I was in 7th grade. I guess some things just can't be learnt. Lutherans are + 135 more characters
Oktoberfest 12 years ago
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For decades the Custer County Democratic Party has thrown an Octoberfest party. Well-prepared brauts, german potatoes, desert, and drinks. Great speakers and music. $10 for adults, $5 for children Eag + 40 more characters
Does anyone know the fair theme this year? I don't know who to call now the Geneal is gone.
Thank you. We found all of the items we needed. Hope you all come and enjoy the play. We think it is a crowd pleaser. Our "dress rehearsal" for the Kinsey 7th and 8th grade went very well.
The items we can't seem to find for the play is vintage women's shoes. Our girls have bigger feet than women once did, but we really could use 2 pair of women's western wedding boots. The lace up ones + 15 more characters
This year's high school play is the romantic comedy by William Shakespeare, Taming of the Shrew. Since it is such a timeless classic the theater department decided to set the play in early Eastern Mon + 292 more characters
I am the senior class advisor at CCDHS. Does anyone have a great idea for a graduation speaker that I can suggest to the seniors? Please include a brief bio and contact information. Our deadline for i + 21 more characters
I contacted Dirty Jobs with your ideas and our link. url I will let you know what they decide. Also, if you have any other ideas for graduation speakers, post them here and I will pass + 23 more characters
I am the senior class advisor at CCDHS. When discussing possible graduation speakers, one of the students suggested Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs. We all laughed, but I promised I would give it a shot. What + 264 more characters
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