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There is no better phrase to honor the graduation of my beloved mom into whatever lies beyond the visible than per ardua ad astra or through adversity to the stars. Mom certainly endured more than he + 139 more characters
Q: Why does the Norwegian navy have bar codes on the sides of their ships? . . . . . . A: So when the ships return to port they can Scandinavian
This is UNACCEPTABLE! Just what the hell have Y-O-U contributed. url Everything you've ever stated on this site is negative trash-talk. You need to do better! I know what Tucker has contributed to t + 777 more characters
Hmm... so in the spirit of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, is the above post intended to be a "Rice-grinder?
I remember my mom being upset with the gas lite being so close to my grandparents drugstore.
I remember the field trip from SHGS to the Montana Theater to see this movie. Ironically, most of my life I've believed things that were not true. I'd just reluctantly relinquished my belief in Santa + 444 more characters
And what evidence do you offer for your assertion that "gay is against god"?
Based on the performance of my stock and 401k portfolios, “fun” isn’t the f-word that should be used in the same sentence with “Trump”.
- [Edited by Richard Bonine, Jr. (5/29/2019 8:38:52 PM)]
I am beginning to think there must have been a seasonal divorce and winter got custody of spring. We get visitation rights every other weekend.
All of which means the Fair and the Class of 79 Class reunion will be hotter than hell, and not because I might be there.
While I think MT Gov. Steve Bullock would be a great President, (Winnie-the-Pooh would be better that the current WH occupant) I really think he’s making a huge mistake. If he truly wants to serve Mon + 194 more characters
Careful David, you'll give some who post here a hard-on. That's the theme song for the Rush Limblab show... speaking of "pretenders".
I think the Mueller report lays out a clear path for the indictment of Agent Orange, once he is out of office. Everything this jackwagon is doing is on-going collusion with Russia. Trump is using the + 599 more characters
Damnit Gunnar, we are "morans". Get it right, sir.
One of the many obstacles to building this pipeline is the Clean Water Act and how Waters of the United States are defined. The Trump EPA is proposing to rescind the protections to our water that happ + 746 more characters
Sounds cheesy to me. Gives deflate-gate a whole new meaning.
Miles Community College won the Range Cup at the 2019 International SRM conference in Minneapolis this afternoon. Congratulations are in order. url [Edited by Richard Bonine, Jr. (2/13/2019 5:00:18 P + 3 more characters
It was the Stupor Bowl.
I have a Facebook page for my photography. (RockingRBPhotography). I am setting up a Smugmug page shortly. Smugmug now owns Flickr. I have have loved photography since I was FFA Chapter reporter in hi + 351 more characters
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