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Murphy, a furniture dealer from Dublin, decided to expand the line of furniture in his store, so he decided to go to Paris to see what he could find. After arriving in Paris, he visited with some manu + 1383 more characters
A farmer named Patrick lived alone in the Irish countryside with his pet dog. The dog finally died, and Patrick went to the parish priest, saying, "Father, my dog died. Could you possibly say Mass for + 464 more characters
I am sorry to learn of Chuck's passing. My condolences to David and the entire Schott family. Some day I need to figure out what Schott's lived in the house my dad and mom bought in the Yellowstone Va + 264 more characters
I am conflicted about Liz. I disagree with nearly everything she espouses politically. The Cheney clan has done a lot of damage to this country. It seems strange to praise her for putting the country + 1039 more characters
Source: National Institute of Justice url See, the thing is FBE, the "data" you presented doesn't support your assertion that the ban didn't work. From the data YOU presented: The pre-ban average 1991 + 576 more characters
Sorry. I maybe understand the sentiment, but it is really sad that personal hope rises or falls based on who is running the government.
Yup! That's pretty articulate.
Holy crap on a cracker. Relax Felix, I'm not a threat. I'm a lovable fuzzball trying to win in the arena of ideas. I have a take-it or or leave-it odd sense of humor. I am sad that you didn't like or + 3288 more characters
I know exactly what I am talking about. Not sure if I have enough red crayons or patience to explain it to you, but here goes:
Well... now you have to... Put up or shut up.
The data appears to say otherwise. We didn't try this for a long enough period to really establish a trend. "It appears that the assault weapons ban had clear short-term effects on the gun market, s + 384 more characters
I generally think of Montanans as good a decent people. I’m not understanding how the fukc you allow Steve dis-Daines to represent you. Someone please explain. I’d like to fist-bump Stevie boy into th + 122 more characters
My sentiments exactly...
This is truly sad news. Jeri was such a kind, interesting, and well read person. I only had the pleasure of talking with her in person one time, but you could easily tell she was a top-shelf special p + 66 more characters
This thread is rich... given you all live in a State where you are governed and have candidates like Greg Gangreeneforte and Matt Rosendale, and Ryan Zinke. At least the Wyoming crazy is home grown. M + 245 more characters
Yup. And the wall is to keep us in, NOT keep them out. Time to move to Mexico or Costa Rica while moving still allowed. The coming theocracy will be brutal.
Anything produced by the felon Dinesh D'Souza is bull s h i t. The man wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and slapped him in the face.
Like me, the search feature of this site has old timers disease. I KNOW I've used the words Theonomy and Theocracy in a response to Rick K. I can't find the post. He can apologize any time now. Anyho + 464 more characters
To summarize: Miles City made hay while the Powers was out. 🤠 You’re welcome. Now go eat a hotdog 🌭.
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