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Don't do it Richard. Just slowly back away from the keyboard and let it be.
Must be catholic.
Not really clueless about due process of the law. If as you state you were 1 of 138 citations, you are 0.007% of that population. You make it sound like you are bothered weekly by MCPD. The truth is + 152 more characters
Umm... this has me wondering about the math that matters... of the 138 complaints in 2018, what percentage were to a treasure trove at Bobby Boatlyโ€™s house? ๐Ÿค”
I heard a fairly hair-curling story from a guy that has climbed the KIKC tower to change a fuse on the light at the top. The last 20 ft. or so at the top require you climb on the outside. I get nausea + 24 more characters
I am wondering, does the "B" in "BLT" stand for bacon or baloney? Seriously, lets review... you haven't been here lately, but you are "concerned", "irritated", "pick your favorite emotion" that you + 369 more characters
David... If you had hung out with the cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž kids at the North door you would know better. ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿค [Edited by Richard Bonine (5/17/2021 9:25:10 PM)]
I was 17 and some of those in the bar were younger than me. Not that I care. It's rather amusing at this point.
Wonder if they knew those cowboys in the Bison are all in High School. My sister Martha, Debbie or Della Ligholt, Vivian Mount, and I think my dad are in the first picture. David... stop making me f + 159 more characters
It's bad enough that Liz Cheney, with whom I'd disagree 80% of the time, was removed from her position in the GOP this morning. What is super chicken s h i t about this is it was done by voice vote ra + 297 more characters
I think Gov. Bullock nails it. Montana Setback. url
Well, have you ever tried to drink a beer ๐Ÿบ WITHOUT arms? ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค 
I'm calling BS on your BS. There may be openings, but most of them appear to be part-time. You're not going to make enough to pay $900/month for the Flanze apartments and have enough left over to buy + 884 more characters
The Pony Express arrived yesterday. I appreciate your kindness. THANKS!
Karen: you are too kind. I admire and appreciate your persistence. My iCloud storage currently runneth over, so the email used on that account doesn't work at the moment. (On the list to fix this week + 62 more characters
As I recall, Shelly Mees told that joke 14 years ago.
Umm... exactly when did Bert replace Bobby K as "Miles City's most famous citizen"? The stout sounds awesome. Glad to hear someone is making real beer instead of the crappy IPA swill that most places + 8 more characters
Sorry... if you have a roundabout, you are no longer a "small town".
Meh... wake me up when Joe tries to change the course of a hurricane with a sharpie.
Down vote is for exempting yourself from the cuss filter. Perhaps as a fund raiser to cover your server costs you can write a swear jar routine where those who contribute $250 or more to the site a + 117 more characters
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