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To summarize: Miles City made hay while the Powers was out. 🤠 You’re welcome. Now go eat a hotdog 🌭.
I have been watching them build the new bridge across the Yellowstone in Billings. Based on the mess this morning, I suspect some contract modifications will be purposed. url [Edited by Richard Boni + 21 more characters
As long as you can watch the Denver Broncos, you are all set.
Looks like a good place to hook up with Shakira.
Is there such a thing as unemotional name calling
Pope has had his head in the sand since 1088 and the Urban Crusades. We are still dealing with this crap now.
Fixed it for ya.
I am getting pretty tired of the one-upmanship by the Grand Oliarch Party Governors. It's like they look at what's going on other states and say "hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend". And then t + 704 more characters
url Freezing her ass off.
Hmm... I find it instructive to see what I was saying 10 years ago. One of many reasons why I will never run for political office.
It occurs to me the Grand Oligarch Party throws the word "woke" around because they can't spell "enlightened".
I’m wondering if Marsha, Marsha, Marsha Blackburn’s definition of a woman has something to do with Aqua Net. Maybe that’s her problem. Are there any hallucinogenic experts around?
Yes, we agree on the location. There is a large section of rock that was blasted away which, according to my dad, was an operation that cost around a million dollars. He referred to this area a milli + 213 more characters
West end of million dollar hill.
For my entire life, there has always been the threat of nuclear nihilation from Russia. Much of the history and economy of in the 1960's was based on that threat with the radar base. I remember trave + 437 more characters
I'd agree with you about the date. This is the first I've heard about "old Ft. Buren". I am surprised my storytelling grandfather with the same first name never mentioned it.
There is much to be learned from Sitting Bull in how to deal with blonde invaders. We have the most technologically advanced military on the planet. It's been several days. Why the fukc haven't we dro + 129 more characters
I would have thought that Mr. Etchemendy would appreciate the importance of cleaning up and properly disposing of trash. But, by honoring Jack Raymond and what he perpetuated, Mr. Ecthemend has appare + 50 more characters
Response like this, rationalizing and exacerbating tribalism isn't really very helpful. We should all strive to do better.
url "Brian Reed did something I never had the guts to do. He wrote a rebuttal to an obituary. It was not something Reed did because he was vengeful or bitter. He did it because the front-page obitua + 7574 more characters
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