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Few things in life are certain, but I am certain of this... When Trump dies it won't be necessary for him to lie in state. He has already lied in every state he has been in.
If I remember correctly, (getting harder to do ) the Sports Center had some involvement from the Schantz boys. Seems like the Sports center evolved into Red Rock Sporting Goods out by the Red Rock. S + 85 more characters
Universal Athletics was between Anthonys and the Squire Shop.
1. I have repeatedly asked the conservative "lurkers" here to help us understand their perspective. Why do they support the candidates they support. I don't understand the appeal of Greg Gianforte, M + 1507 more characters
While Bridger would likely insist that correlation does not imply causation, I am imagining a Venn diagram with DJanssen's appearance on as being the center of overlapping events such as 4 inch + 358 more characters
This is sad news. I never had the privilege of meeting Hal in person. His kind way with words, his patience, and his sense of humor had a profound impact on my life and helped shape the way I think ab + 161 more characters
If the country had had 30 years of "Rachel radio", instead of 30 years of Rush Limbaugh, we would be in a completely different place. Her description of the democrat response here is spot-on. We have + 746 more characters
Wendy, thanks for posting. I am greatly saddened by this news. Kelly was a very kind one of a kind. He will be greatly missed.
Welcome to Miles City. Cutting edge innovation isn't a "thing". Personally, I like that my phone doesn't work in the Montana, Bison, or Trail Inn.
I think Matt Rosendale is the most punchable face in the house. Some of you MC.Com lurkers need explain to why you voted for Rosendale, Gangreenforte, etc. Do you want the government shut down? Are y + 337 more characters
You did fine. Even the blind squirrels find a nut once in a while.
you are one sarcastic SOB. Maybe Ivermectin can replace chorine in the drinking water.
Don't y'all drink bud light anyway? Not even boiling will help that crap. Seems like the water treatment plant was built just yesterday. The math says it was almost a half-century ago.
Ron DeSantis is the personification of listening to Rush Limbaugh for 30 years.
Particularly interested in the Simpson chapter on how Park County got screwed to the benefit of Powder River county.
Spot-on editorial. Holding public meetings at times during the day to limit the peons who show up with pitchforks is absolute balderdash. Do better! url
Being more concerned about the artwork on your can of light horse piss rather than the fact you are drinking horse piss, IMO, speaks volumes about this country's critical thinking skills.
The nearest U.S. Bank branch to where I live closed a couple of years ago. It has been replaced by a state-of-the-art ATM machine in the Wallyworld parking lot. I love this machine because can do my b + 105 more characters
Greg Giantfart, the new standard in gaslighting. While vetoing this legislation is horrible, it's not like the current system is all rainbows and unicorns. This legislation would have provided an opp + 209 more characters
I have been wondering if you all are still allowed to watch M*A*S*H reruns?
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