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As I recall, Shelly Mees told that joke 14 years ago.
Umm... exactly when did Bert replace Bobby K as "Miles City's most famous citizen"? The stout sounds awesome. Glad to hear someone is making real beer instead of the crappy IPA swill that most places + 8 more characters
Sorry... if you have a roundabout, you are no longer a "small town".
Meh... wake me up when Joe tries to change the course of a hurricane with a sharpie.
Down vote is for exempting yourself from the cuss filter. Perhaps as a fund raiser to cover your server costs you can write a swear jar routine where those who contribute $250 or more to the site a + 117 more characters
I think the GOP'ers have nothing to fear. Even if Bill Gates created some form of tracking in the vaccine, it's a Microsoft creation and will spend the next 2-weeks updating and rebooting, by which ti + 325 more characters
I wonder what the soil pH’s were for the four materials. When I worked for JEM Ag back in the 80’s we made acid fertilizer from phosphoric and black oil of vitriol. It took about 3 years of applicati + 227 more characters
Been here on my second tour of duty for the past eight years. As I look out my office window, I can see a church that was built in 1699, 77 years before there was a Declaration of Independence. Grow + 837 more characters
This is from Jim Wright aka Stonekettle. I love the theme here which is “Beliefs have Consequences”. Enjoy.
I can see why the likes of Jerry need guns. It’s not like they’re gonna outwit anyone.
Apparently made in Mexico. 🤠 url
They have him wearing flip-flops? Moses is gonna be pissed 😤.
Umm... wasn’t it your mother that came up with the Prairie Scooters name? 🧐🤠
Did someone say frolicking? 🤠 url
Thoughts on who will win? Since I am NOT a Brady fan, and it is anathema for a Broncos diehard to cheer for the chiefs, and the half-time show is some male of whom I've never heard, which negates che + 122 more characters
There is no way you two (Gunnar & Squirrelenbush) had the same history & civics teachers or smoked dope in the same alley. 🤠😷
I think it’s more a case of only having 3-channel basic cable in Circle ⭕️ MT. 🤠🙄😷
I say as soon as she figures out what poison ☠️ works on Trump she will fly back to Russia. 🙄🤐😷
I think a different perspective is needed on this point. Thanks to Agent Orange: -The house of representatives belongs to the democrats -The senate belongs to the democrats -The Whitehouse belongs to + 632 more characters
This parable left me in a state of rapture.
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