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I think a different perspective is needed on this point. Thanks to Agent Orange: -The house of representatives belongs to the democrats -The senate belongs to the democrats -The Whitehouse belongs to + 632 more characters
This parable left me in a state of rapture.
They are private companies who can do what they determine in their best interest. Again, think of social media outlets as a Christian baker and Trump as a gay wedding cake. Pretty simple.
Perhaps you should think of social media platforms as a Christian baker and Trump as a gay wedding cake.
Who did you vote for?[/quote] In what race, Jerry? In the presidential race I voted 🗳 against Trump. 🤠[/quote] Not in the Montana race?[/quote] I contributed $1.5k to Bullock’s campaign and $500 to + 42 more characters
Who did you vote for?[/quote] In what race, Jerry? In the presidential race I voted 🗳 against Trump. 🤠
I think Tom S needs to explain why he is supportive of Steve Daines act of sedition which is defined in 18 U.S.Code - 2384 as: Rather than hide behind the chicken-s h i t like/dislike vote system, fi + 89 more characters
Steve dis-Daines ought to be recalled for sedition.
Well Jerry... Suppose that three weeks before the annual Cowboys-Red Devils football game, Coach Grey or Coach Roloff reveled the entire game plan, and one of the plays was a flea-flicker where they + 1148 more characters
Hmm, I'd love to hear the conversation between my grandfather, Bill Nefsy, and CM Coffee on the changes in the drugstore. I guarantee the first liar wouldn't stand a chance.
Unless they introduced bison, or use some other way of mimicking high-intensity short-duration grazing, this landscape will rapidly deteriorate. It will become infested with scrub juniper and other no + 286 more characters
Idk, Jerry. Seems like if you jump off the high dive at the polio pit and the resulting tsunami cover a bunch of hot girls sunning themselves on the raft with seaweed, you would be responsible for you + 810 more characters
So Jobie's offspring are cat-tle? Cute. Happy Holidaze.
In the 1980's A&W created the 1/3 lbs burger to compete with McDonalds and the 1/4 burger. A&W's effort was a flop because too many people thought the McDonalds burger was bigger. I have learned a le + 322 more characters
It was also intended that the church not interfere with the government.
I agree with Tucker. The notion put forward that somehow "founding fathers" and iron-age holy books have more meaningful guidance or wisdom in our technological age than our own advanced understanding + 1076 more characters
Really? In a State that elected Greg "Thumper" Gianforte, Steve "dis" Daines, and a whole host of other austerity-minded folks to govern Montana, the notion of celebrating the return of "sanity" is n + 1135 more characters
Umm... Mission accomplished. You did a hell of a job there, Brownie.
Like the storied New Orleans "aints" football team of yesteryear, some of you would be better off with a "be foxy, shop Reynolds" paper bag over your head.
Most web browsers have one built-in. The challenge is possessing enough phonemic awareness for the spell-checker to do its job.
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