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The American Medical Association has weighed in on Trump's Corona strategy: The Allergists were in favor of scratching it, but the Dermatologists advised not to make any rash moves. The Gastroenterol + 985 more characters
I was cluelessly sent outside many times on Sunday afternoons...
Why would you want wander into the estrogen filled world of hyphenated last names? The cool kids all hang out here.
***Warning-Sarcasm Ahead*** I actually support Trump’s notion of packing churches on Easter. Let’s thin the herd so we can one day have nice things like single-payer health insurance.
Rob I suspect in your own mind you view yourself a s Gerry Spence want-a-be. I admire your "never pull out" spirit. I want to say and suggest in the kindest way possible that you discontinue these kin + 476 more characters
Because they believe the odds of anyone getting this virus are lower than two baptists recognizing each other in the liquor store?
Miles City Clinic was across the street from the old hospital. Dr. Stickney and Dr. Randall were in there as well as Dr. Rowen the eye doctor. My grandpa had a satellite pharmacy there as well for a w + 432 more characters
Some of you (ahem Mr. Wood) likely need this... 🤠 url
"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose". -Kris Kristopherson & Fred Foster The current austerity s h i t-show is the result of the Koch Bros. libertarian belief system that has been foi + 152 more characters
Why do you hate alliteration, Shu? David, about 43 years ago.
Damn... I didn’t realize that back then I was into older women. (Only 2-3 people on the planet will understand my comment. )
I screwed up on the US 10 bit. You are correct about US 312.
Google Maps is incorrect on the location of Beebe. Beebe is back at the schoolhouse. There used to be a stage stop there. The old highway US 10 is visible and the school used to be to the west of the + 41 more characters
That’s not the SY school. SY echool is about the 37 mile marker on Hwy 59 across the road from the old Tonn place. Again, I think the school in the second picture was at Bebe about the 22-24 mile mar + 126 more characters
The second picture looks like the Bebe school house about 20 miles south of :MC:
The lesson democrats need to learn is when the orange jackwagon goes low, they go for the kneecaps. It’s a lesson I doubt they’ve learned.
Q: Know what you call a bad lawyer? A: Senator
Hanson, I hear republicans like carrying their babies to full-term. [Edited by Richard Bonine, Jr. (12/20/2019 8:08:03 AM)]
I really wish the Democrats in the House of Representatives would come to understand the band of thieves in the executive branch don’t give a s h i t (we really need to dispense with this fukcing lang + 778 more characters
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