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The FUIGM mentality is a huge part of the problem. You regularly bitch about this when the shoe is on the other foot. Not going to ever have nice stuff if we don't help people overcome their percepti + 30 more characters
Down votes are for needless trollish behavior. -If you were a coal miner, in say, Colstrip, Roundup, or Gillette and your job, really nice house, and toy hauler full of recreational vehicles went away + 1579 more characters
Thanks to the monsoon rain, the river came up and we can't get there right now.
So if it costs you money to send your ballot through the postal service, can we say you are voting by fee mail? I saw you smile, just a little...
There was a drug store where the 600 cafe is now? Interesting. G.W.S appears to be left-handed, not that that narrows anything down.
Sigh... And here we have another thread of binary thinking that has devolved into the 0's trying to convince the 1's they should be better 0's and vise versa. The result is we never make a com + 1771 more characters
I think Gunnars mom is pretty intelligent. Don’t know why he would throw his own mother under the bus. Probably not what a “good Christian” would do.
Up vote because Snickers is the most awesome person in [Edited by Richard Bonine (7/30/2020 6:38:10 PM)]
If I could be 100% sure not wearing a mask would result in catching a fatal dose of covid without harming anyone else, I'd burn the mask off of my face. Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. The + 46 more characters
It's called xeriscape and its awesome. After 15 years in the desert, I have come to think that grass lawns are a complete waste of resources and a source of nutrient and pesticide pollution. The notio + 842 more characters
Never mind [Edited by Richard Bonine (7/27/2020 9:33:30 AM)]
The binary thinking, where you have to be either a hardcore 0 or a 1, on this website has become ridiculous. Reality is more nuanced. Just say'n.
rant/ Questions about the effectiveness of masks are relative. Compared to not wearing a face covering, yes they provide some protection. Compared to an N95 mask, this study, url suggests they have + 1531 more characters
What sort of financial budget have you established to pay for these services? After all, paying for services rendered is the libertarian way. To do this for free would, in your party platform would be + 120 more characters
Husky House
It's the Norwegian spelling.
Well, Mrs. Denton is at the 4-B's. And they'll leave the light on for you for the low price of $12.95.
I think maybe Jerry cleaned the farmshop sump one too many times. It's the only logical explanation.
Loved his music, hated his politics. Another life fukced up by "christianity".
So how is that "50 laboratories of innovation and best practice" promoted by libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson working out during this global pandemic? url
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