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Thanks for the ideas! I tried again last night. Brittany, it will only let me send a shorter video; anything over about 30 seconds and it wants me to trim the video. Hannah, I did try that and was ab + 260 more characters
I've tried iTunes and it seems to spin for a long time (many minutes), then the error pops up and it goes on to the next video.
I know some of you are very Apple/Mac savvy, so I'm hoping you can help. I have lots of videos on my iPhone 4 that I would be devastated to lose. I want to download them onto my computer (PC) or an e + 289 more characters
I'm not able to get to the farmer's market, and I'd like to buy between 10-15lbs of green beans to can. Is there anyone around that sells veggies outright?
Jamie, She's got Fallon on the list - it took me a couple of read-overs too! ;0)
Kim, I emailed you regarding the sites - could you email me if you get a chance? Thanks!
Thanks! Green beans and dill actually - any chance I'll be able to get some?
Is the farmer's market still going on every Sat. morning? If so, how many vendors are usually there?
PCMA's Arenacross and ATV Pull is this Saturday in Terry - come out and enjoy the day!
Steve, I'm so glad to hear that the Iron Horse has quality Etouffee. Cafe Zydeco in Bozeman used to be the only place that you could get it. I'll be ordering it this week - thanks for the referral!
Should I upgrate to IE 8? Any reviews?
Thanks Sara!
Ice Pics 13 years ago
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Does anyone have pictures of the ice going out of the yellowstone today???
Kindle 13 years ago
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Has anyone purchased the Amazon Kindle since it's been out? Any reviews?
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