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Jeremy My younger brother Richard Newby (Ricky) is back in Miles City. He works at. Check that new real estate place there in town and he has a contact number on there. Jeff By the way how is your b + 19 more characters
How about if you worked for Oschners loading chickens in crates for like $25 a day or going to the drive inn theatre and sitting on the wooden "island" in front of the screen to watch the movie. How a + 47 more characters
You know you are from Miles City if you ever competed in Dave Revines(sp) Spelling bee that he televised on his TV station out of MIles City. I did once but never won as you can see. Ahh Damn Brady St + 77 more characters
Don, Ali Baba is actually the name they use for a thief. it comes from some story over in the Middle East. When I was over in Iraq we called everyone HAJI. They get kinda pissy when you call them Ali + 107 more characters
Here is some old time fun that I havent heard anything about in years! GATE NIGHT (30 OCTOBER)
Hell yeah I remember that place!(The Flumes) Used to go ut there with David Schott and John Sieler. Whenever I come home from Wyoming and I drive past there I remember drinking beer and swimming.
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