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LIFTT and Montana's Centers for Independent Living invite you to participate in a series of webinars to learn more about the work of the Montana IL task forces and help us plan for future advocacy eff + 543 more characters
I haven't ever had any trouble with my Straight Talk.
AMAN It's Christmas!!!! not xmas.
How did you the emoticons on the emails?
I like where they are now, plenty of parking space. hope they stay
Your going to love it. You can read, search the web, watch movies, Listen to music, and so much more.
I know a lot of formal worker and I've been told that one reason their always shorthanded is because the way some are treated. Also they're not trained like they should be. I think if they had some co + 37 more characters
I know what you mean. I hate the streets in Miles City. I've lived here for 12 yrs.,and most of the have been in need of repair for those 12 yrs. Another thing, when is the City, county,or who ever go + 53 more characters
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