Sean McLain
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Yeah, I believe it was the same guy.
Anyone know of a former MC police officer named Merl Beeler?
The Meidingers were my grandparents. We world come to MC every summer for a few weeks and stay with them at their place on on the school grounds. We had access to the music room, the cafeteria, the fa + 62 more characters
I know for a fact that the guy who owns an art publishing company specializing in Disney is from MC and apparently he's done some film writing for Disney a few years back. You might want to contact hi + 148 more characters
So much for family history. Thanks for the memory jog though...good times.
That's him! "Johnny Blade?" The Led was Mike's and yes Donny complained (LOL!).
I remember your brother Donny! He used to drive me and Mike around in his Dodge Dart (?) on the weekends listening to Zepplin and drinking beer! Ha! I don't think I ever ran into you though. Wasn't th + 111 more characters
Mac and Irene? And their sons Bob an John? I spent a lot of summers there and loved that old house...still think about it at least every week. Where did you live?
I'm a nubie to genealogy, but am starting here! Any help would be greatly appreciated. My name is Sean McLain, born in town in 1965 to Robert Earl McLain of Miles City and Dorothy Marie Meidinger of N + 502 more characters
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