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worldmom, you're correct - CenturyLink is significantly cheaper, and we had better luck with them up until we came back from a trip to Oregon and had *no* internet, and they were going to charge us $8 + 452 more characters
FindAGrave also uses volunteers to go take pictures of graves when requested. It's pretty awesome to get involved with.
You know, Jeff... I play those video games. Enjoy them greatly. Am totally, 100% against civilians owning guns. Video games can't be blamed for this tragedy. I'm sure there are a lot of factors - acc + 413 more characters
I'd seen something on this probably a year and a half ago, where a couple had paid off their rent-to-own computer and the company hadn't properly documented it, and the manager approached them with pi + 32 more characters
High school football at 7pm Friday. SE Montana Fiddlers Dance & Steak Fry @ Range Riders Museum (potluck dinner with steaks furnished) at 1pm Saturday.
It's time once again for the KATL Super Summer Radio Auction! Starting today, Wednesday, July 18 and running through Friday, join us from 1pm-5pm each day for your chance to get some amazing savings o + 1139 more characters
Um... the 31st is a Tuesday. O.o
It wasn't me, but I just wanted to tell you how awesome I think it is that your mom is so concerned and you'd do this for her. Good luck!
I'd love to know more about this, as well.
Now, I don't care one way or another how many dogs people are allowed to have. I don't care whether you've chose to save dogs from whatever situation. But I'm guessing that a LICENSED VET knows more + 564 more characters
I'm having a very difficult time finding her, as well - I can't find census records with them, or anything else. I did find a copy of his marriage certificate from his 2nd wife, though.
Dennis, I looked through in the Old Calvary, Calvary, and Custer County cemeteries and didn't find anyone with the last name Shogren.
Just a thought, but: If you've called all these people, and no one's found anything wrong enough to do something about it, there's a reason for that. Just because you don't like someone, or don't agre + 51 more characters
This is some excellent information! Thank you so much!
Thank you Richard! That's incredibly helpful. Steve - That's very interesting. I had a hard time fathoming that something like that would even exist, but now I'll have to see what I can do to go tak + 159 more characters
I'm hoping to get out and document some headstones for soon, since the weather has warmed up a bit. Other than the standard Custer County/Calvary/Old Calvary/Veteran's, I've tried to co + 603 more characters
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According the the Chamber's Facebook page, CNADA is having their Private Quarters Party this weekend, and the following weekend (the 28th) is the CASA/GAL 5k, which has registration forms at the Chamb + 98 more characters
If you would like, you can shoot me an email through here and we can set up a time to check it out. I've got quite a bit of experience with XP and it's many rather interesting networking issues.
What kind of troubles are you having, and what operating system(s)/programs are you running?
Kony is a bad guy, sure. But the Invisible Children organization isn't all it's cracked up to be. url
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