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I have two abandoned old homes on the ranch, as well as a creepy barn. Shoot me a text at eight five three zero eight four zero and I'd be happy to show you around this week.
Rereading To Kill a Mockingbird from the banned books shelf at the library!
We used to do a competition in elementary school called Battle of the Books - teams would read a selection and then compete to answer questions about the books from their list. I can't believe how man + 219 more characters
Healthy Montana Kids, aka CHIP, is at (url) Best wishes to the Berry family!
Miles Community College puts out a newspaper insert on their summer goings-on. Kidz Kollege has lots of fun day camp-type activities, and there are a lot of adult activities too. There is a fall socce + 367 more characters
Most stations around here, particularly if it's a package like 100 greatest hits, come pre-purchased. Local and national commercials are inserted around the package. It's not something the station its + 240 more characters
Fun! The day I was born, it was Please Don't Go by KC and the Sunshine Band. Conceived: Knock on Wood by Amii Stewart. parents always told me it was the Rumours album by Fleetwood Mac. And + 51 more characters
Thinking of a testicle festival for an event - definitely will have to get some of this beer!
Miles Community College Rodeo will host the annual High Class Buckaroo Bash on Saturday, February 2, 2013 at the MCC Centra! Cocktails and Silent Auction at 6, dinner at 7 by the Red Neck Grill, and L + 222 more characters
My daughter has World's Best Chocolate bars in support of Kircher School if you're interested! $2 each.
Do we live in God's country, or what?! Amazing. Thanks for sharing.
My favorite is getting stuck between Quala Wash(out by Brush Truck Repair) and then a BNSF comes either east- or westbound!
Stephen King's "The Ten O'Clock People" fits right in! As in, the Vice President is a freaky batman, but only certain people can see that. I kinda always knew something was up with Biden. url (I know + 26 more characters
Hi Tina, Montana has moved to a centralized child care referral system that can generate a list of child care to meet your needs. Log on to url, click on "I Need Help Finding Child Care" and then clic + 598 more characters
Class assignments will be mailed out this Friday (tomorrow) from what I was told at a school.
Hi Tina, I am the director of DEAP Child Care Education and Support. While it is true we do not hand out a list of child care providers, Montana does have a child care referral center, available for t + 699 more characters
Jeff was a presenter at DEAP Child Care Education & Support's spring conference this year and received excellent evaluations. This is a must-attend for anyone working with children.
DEAP Child Care Education and Support will be bringing diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, formula, bottles, infant food by today. Let me know if you need pack and plays for infant/small child sleeping ar + 46 more characters
Reminder - all entries due by 5 p.m. on Friday!
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