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She is in ICU in Billings. Prayers are with her.
What does Native Americans and Muslims have to do with this post? I am not a racist, I hate everyone equally. Deb,Gina, Crystal there you go.
my credibility? You dont know me then...
ok Steve...I also have a positive attitude and everything you said that he does or what...Im calm too in certain situations i want to know where the World of Computers business is that he wo + 171 more characters
Totally agree with you on all you say Rob!!
What exactly has he done for miles City, MT? I have seen nothing!
Scott, I am deeply sorry for your loss and like Ragna said, the best memories at the pool with him. Pati Kuehl
I think there are more important issues in this town than worrying about where the FM should be. Keep it in the park! Its always been there, it works there!
Happy Birthday Jim L. Arneson !!!! Have a good one.!! I hear ya already have, and it isnt even 8 am !!! From all your friends in COLORADO!!!!! love and hugs,
None taken, parents and kids always complain. So what is wrong with making peanut butter sandwiches and chips and carrots and a twinkie and thermos of milk. I miss those days to see what mom made fo + 8 more characters
People shouldnt complain at all, the kids do have a choice, make your own lunches. Hell, I guess its real hard to pour a bowl of cereal these days too. They get breakfast at schools. What 's for din + 4 more characters
We are seeing the best of the DNC. The stars, George Clooney, ect...alot are staying at the Brown Palace Hotel.
No, I will be there to help out.
Hi Victorialynn, and Tony Yes, I will be there that weekend. I dont want to cause any trouble with anyone, crossing boundaries where not wanted. I would love to cover grounds where you and others woul + 209 more characters
Hi Rob. No I am not a fan of HOA. I am not trying to become popular in MC. I have enough friends. I do not think MC is a dogpatch. I dont like it when new people move in and try to change the town. I + 287 more characters
Great!! Whereever you guys want to start, let me know. I guess its the Broadus interchange. there should be a great turn out from all the letters written in the first discussion of the dogpatch. It wi + 10 more characters
[deleted - duplicate]
Who in the hell, first of all said MC was a dog patch anyway? and where are they from? and why would you move to MC, Mt of all places to go to? Why not somewhere where they have HOA's, where you HAVe + 58 more characters
Great! I will bring large bags and gloves. I hope more people respond. It will be fun also!! I live in Denver but come home (MC is still home) at least once every two months. Later we can set up a tim + 20 more characters
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