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Who was the Lucky Winner?
Ok Miles City i think some people need to step and get a BBQ Team together for the Cookoff.Lets bring out the best BBQ We got. Serious i think the Event would be fun if it stayed a KCBS event.
Hi Trudy, I would be interested in Judging the competition! If there is any way I could Help let me know. There is a few Judges in Miles City & Cohagen that would probably help too. Phone # is still 9 + 20 more characters
Lets get it going Dustin ! Summer's coming and i'm Thirsty. Can't beat Brewing on the Tongue River maybe we could invite the Beavers over from Wibox .Give me a call Kerry 406-951-0193
Would like to get this going ! Let's pick a date and have a meeting of the BBQ Kings of Eastern Montana. Kerry 406-951-0193
Hi Anne, Give me a call when you get the chance 406-951-0193 Kerry
I think this would be awesome to get going in miles city ! Lets get some names of people that could help make this happen . I could use another good BBQ Brews and Music . Kerry
Anne and anyone else interested in getting this going here in Miles City Give me a call 406-951-0193 or get together somewhere and talk about it. Thanks Kerry it could be lots of fun
I think it would be a good time . Lets do it ! Anyone else in? Kerry
Let's get the Tongue River BBQ Cookoff started or what ever sounds good. Need a challenge for the welders out there to build the ultimate Smoker.I think we could all make this work to benefit MC if we + 264 more characters
Do you people of Miles City think something like Absarokee is doing on July 1st would work here. Is there enough interest here for some competive BBQ to see who has the best BBQ in the County. Post so + 86 more characters
Thanks Joe ! Your the Greatest and keep up the good work! We could really use this in MC . Let us all know when the next meeting will be on this so we can show our support. Kerry
What's going on with the discussions on getting a Parks and Rec Dept. in Miles City? I believe the councilmen are talking about it. Anyone heard any news because i think this town needs one.
Hey Steve how about some kind of ad in the paper? Would you help me out Please. kerry
Anyone interested in a LaCrosse League in Miles City. We can get some equipment grants if we get this going by the end of March. Lets get some people together and come up with a name for this League. + 63 more characters
That would be awesome TH ! Maybe we can get the sport up and running in MC . I know my boys would love it.
Has anyone around here ever played LaCrosse and interested in putting some kind of league together. i think this would be a fun sport for the kids and adults here in MC . Lets get the word out and sta + 145 more characters
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