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Went by there and to my surprise no pumpkins this year. Is there anywhere else that is going to have them available?
I would just like to take a moment to post my deepest sympathy to the Zuelke/Rickett family-especially the kids!! This can be in no manner an easy thing to go through. If there is anything you need yo + 231 more characters
The whole issue is Dr. Rauh not the loss of hospital jobs, so why would we picket the hospital?! Hospital jobs is a whole different issue, the people that should picket that are the hospital workers/w + 195 more characters
I think personally we're turning our focus on the wrong thing...the coverage complained about is from BILLINGS, about the BILLINGS CLINIC! What do you expect!! Lets forget about what they report and f + 38 more characters
I am behind Dr. Rauh in every way!!! From the things that I know this was something that I personnaly think BC was trying to do for awhile now. Why? I don't know what they have against this wonderful + 564 more characters
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