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We ate there also Saturday, food was outstanding. No gas leak, no rush. Will go again.
Cuts need to be made to balance a budget. Your right more cuts will be and should be made. Most of America feels we need to stop spending and printing money because we are broke. It's simple math. Gov + 318 more characters
I believe it's free, we own the yard's right next to it. It sure gets used a lot. Craig
Fire a lot of coaches? Since you are such an expert, who have they fired besides this one?
You are the worst Shipley impersonator EVER. No cussing, or ranting, sorry you Robbie wanna be!!!!!!!!!
Vince is not a helicopter pilot.
If anyone thinks this is Shipley, you are crazy! This is the worst Shipley impersonator ever.
Today the suppliers would not even quote a price for propane. It shot up over to over $3.00 and change, per gallon. I don't know where it settled at, this could get real expensive quick.
Amorette, because 25 MHP on both bridges is ASININE.
Skye, Were you awake today? I don't think you know what Donald is talking about. All the crossings west of the underpass were blocked.
Saturday 6:00 pm Family fun for all ages. $3 entry fee cheap entertainment. Everybody welcome.
There will be a rolling roping at the Park Place Saturday night, starting at 6:00pm. This is for all ages, family fun, and cheap entertainment. Bring own rope if you want or borrow one. This will be t + 101 more characters
Test all recipient's of financial aid program's.
Glad you can have our opinion, and the voting public can have thier's. Wonderful to have the opportunity to be able to vote for a candidate of one's choice.
Brian I don't know you. I am not sorry about that. You are a pain in the ASS. I have a sense of humor.
Oh don't worry, he has had a little to much Busch Light.
C.Kee Call me if you like, I sell about 20 a year that we grow up and finish. We are in Miles City, and we sell full, 1/2, 1/4, or even just steak's, hamburger, or roast by the pound. Craig Miller 406 + 9 more characters
Will know tonight our flight leaves about 1, if we book it. I will let you know. Craig 951-2939
Was Mark's nickname "Bird"?
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