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I wondered the same thing. I just posted something similar to your post this morning and just now saw this one! Sorry, I promise I was not trying to copy haha! Let me know if you find out anything, I + 62 more characters
I'm not sure of this lady's name. I have never seen her before. But I do know Barb and this wasn't her. I just like reading positive stories instead of the constant negatives! Thank you!!!
Doesn't happen very often so I thought I should share my positive experience with Wal Mart today. So usually when I do my shopping my 12 year old always puts the bags in the cart at checkout. I always + 993 more characters
Okay, you can't make this stuff up! Mine was "Physical" by Olivia Newton- John.....Hahahahaha!!!
Does anyone know why the Straight Talk phones have no service this morning? This has happened before, but that was due to flooding around the tower at that time. As of right now, I don't think that is + 103 more characters
I am not trying to be rude with this but....Why is it that everyone with a 3+ bedroom house for rent charge an arm and a leg per month? We are NOT all oil rich!!! There are decent Miles City resident + 486 more characters
Thanks! I won't know the sex until the baby is born next month. But we are almost sure that it will be a girl
I would also be interested to know what the age groups are. How young can a child be to join?
It's a wonder anyone even posts on here. I asked a simple question and people just have to be rude and think they know EVERYTHING when they DON'T!!!! I was simply saying that I went there (as soon as + 321 more characters
That's too bad. I was there once and bought a couple things and was planning on going back once my baby was born. Why did it go out of business already?
I was going to visit the new kids consignment shop by Discovery Pond yesterday and saw it was vacated and up for rent. Did the store relocate?
We have 3 straight talk phones and all have been without service all day as well. I tried talking to them and the guy told me there was no problem with coverage but to call back tomorrow when some oth + 217 more characters
I just wouldn't feel right if I didn't put a good word in for my dr. Dr. Williams has been my OB/GYN since I found out I was pregnant in October. This is my first pregnancy and I have to say that he h + 189 more characters
That picture is soooo adorable!!!
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