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I just hope they lock her up for a really long time for everything she has done to several people. That would make me happy. Brian, i had to show the other half the check, i don't think she has ever + 133 more characters
You must care a little or you wouldn't have said anything. After all you also said it was out of curiosity.
That is just terrible. I have to admit i love cats and have 2 that are indoor cats only. I dislike(hate is too weak of a word.) dogs but i don't go out of my way to hurt them. The next door neighbor h + 355 more characters
Sorry if i offended you Brian, i was in a hurry and went to bed after i looked at the computer and posted that comment. I didn't take the time to do a spell check but i forgot to since in 4 days i wor + 333 more characters
i am all for lutefisk and lefse but i will have to pass on it being a benefit for Joe. Sorry. (Not really.) And Steve, it is soaked in lye, but it is cooked/boiled in water.
Nope. start the prossess of getting rid of him.
Amorette, i am glad to see at least someone is as passionate as i am about the depot. (even if we are on opposite sides.) You might be able to get this fixed but you might not. I can't tell the future + 653 more characters
Hope you have fun and when are you coming back, or are you going to try to move there. Hope not, would love to have you move back to MC. Have fun there Captain. Larry
If we were going to save it, we should have done it a long time ago. Tear it down and be done with it. I look at it every day at work and even if (somehow) it does get saved, the city will still have + 471 more characters
Part of me is happy and glad that some people are interested in trying to save the depot. I personally think it is too little too late. If the city wanted to save it, that should have happend more tha + 787 more characters
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