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Rob should write a book! The history he tells is very interesting and his stories are hilarious! He not only stole what is probably a very hideous painting of Jesus from a church he also killed two mi + 209 more characters
And Baxter...most locals, and those of us that don't even live in MC anymore, have heard what the true motive behind Mr. Kolka's conviction is/was.
Yep...would rather have you keep your yaps shut rather than minimize what we are going through or belittle our intelligence. Do you feel like a big, smart man now? Idiot.
I currently live in South Dakota. Was born and raised in Miles City, MT and went to school with Bridgier and Gunnar. Shame on both of you and for the rest of you that made this into a political bashin + 843 more characters
Awesome post Steve M! You hit several nails right on the head! The more you read this forum you'll soon discover it's the same handful of people posting; congratulating themselves on being masters of + 472 more characters
I know...I know... it's now called Connors but to me it will always be Denton Field. So...what is up with the Visitor's seating and the lack of restrooms at Connor's Stadium/Field? I was at last Satu + 912 more characters
Anyone know what the cost is for the carnival wristbands this year? The Chamber's pathetic website doesn't have any information and I'm still waiting for a call back from a message I left at 9:30. Doe + 253 more characters
Just I don't have a dog in this fight but...What exactly has the current mayor done that is so great for Miles City? You're asking Butch supporters to list their reasons for choosing Butc + 83 more characters
Brian, you are a complete a$$hole. The father of this son is a life-long friend of my husband and Debbie Patch has been one of my best friends for almost 20 years. You have blasted the Patch's in the + 320 more characters
Awesome- great to hear!
Does anyone know if there will be street dances during the 2011 BHS? My family is coming from Iowa and South Dakota for BHS and we have heard that there will not be any bands for the street dance. We + 165 more characters
Miles City should just go to an all volunteer fire department. Works for many cities in western South Dakota. There would no longer be an issue of county vs. city fire departments and the true heros ( + 190 more characters
Please share as there are others that know the Beehler family- please!
Probably a trivial point but... according to the BHS website, BHS is May 13-16th this year. Memorial Day is May 30th. There is a weekend in between BHS and Memorial Day this year. Or is BHS the 20-23 + 85 more characters
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work."- T. Edison And..... "It is better to remain silent and be thougth a fool than to speak out and remove + 24 more characters
Never put yourself up for elimination. They should have gotten rid of crazy eyes chick!
That's funny, Richard. Before I got to the end of your blog I had thought of the same person!
I was home in Miles City this past weekend and I was surprised to see the water fountain at Wiboux Park falling apart. The side that faces west to Strevell Street has large chunks of the fountain fall + 212 more characters
They call me the Fireman by George Strait for my husband. He has "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" for me. I don't know why......
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