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Join us Saturday the 17th at 1pm we will be hosting a game for the national guard everyone is welcome to come out and play or just watch.the rates are ....10.00 to play unless you are a vet or still i + 360 more characters
it was a good meeting with good turn out thank you to all who showed up game on today this sunday at the field of mayham which is located on the jordan highway 13.5 miles form town see you there
see everyone tonight!!
just found out glendive game was canceled due to the amount of rain they have recieved so now the plans have changed to play at the field here in miles city if you have any questions just post here or + 111 more characters
june 8th at 7pm at airport inn. join us to get the scoop on our plans for this year this is a open meeting and everyone is welcome hope to see you all there
well sorry if it doesnt appeal to you but thats what is nice about owning you can do what you want
the field is free the only way you have to pay is to rent rentals brittany95 i didnt know you were a paintball field specialist
i built a paintball course for you guys and it seems you got tired of that. so what happens when you get tired of the bike park that the city puts up money for that they could use for streets? who wil + 184 more characters
there is always paintball!
so im a nimrod dick because i was ask to give my opinion. well.. dont know what to say back. except F U! im a american i like bbqs and beer not skittles and sweet tea. if you were to steal from me or + 70 more characters
mess with the bull and you will get the horns.
meeting saturday 7pm at airport inn
for those who read this. we have started working on the field anyone who would like to help please post here .
thanks for following up. ill take care of em.
where is your dock?
all ages welcome we recommend 8 an older. yes we could use some pallets.
march 31st @7:00pm at the airport inn we will be having our first meeting of the year. so if there is anyone interested in partaking in paintball please feel free to join us. thanks and hope to see yo + 15 more characters
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