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So if you don't mind then, I'll just ban you as a troll. Or would you rather just follow up on the questions instead?[/quote] You're on a thread I started and off subject dip$hit. I could call you a + 362 more characters
Ok ok boycotted ya ya that'll put me out of business. Hey DJ tell me what you think of Individual Liberty?
What forced you left?[/quote] There were 3 quotes and statements I offered in my last post. Answer them all, and I'll answer yours.[/quote] Yawn... I was just making conversation. I don't really give + 101 more characters
Thanks for responding to MY question DJ See can't help it.
What forced you left?
They can't help it. By the way DJ4 what do you think of the concept of American Exceptionalism?
Who's trolling now?
And under what theory do you offer that bit of wisdom? This board is mostly visited and used by people from MC and Eastern MT. I can pull up the stats to show that. Some of the posters here are obvio + 1389 more characters
9-0films, I appreciate your advice and I think this thread has run it’s course for now. I know I sound mean at times. I don’t now if you’ve followed what typically goes on here in the political secti + 1460 more characters
Don't take it personal. The "my people" was a tongue in cheek comment meant to needle liberals who feel alienated from the mainstream because the candidate that promoted their values was rejected. As + 487 more characters
Richard I'm glad to here that you "Love this country" sincerely. You listed 3 things negative about the USA (all of which occurred well over 100 years ago) Is there anything specific about this cou + 260 more characters
Flushing out and exposing America hating liberals is an unpleasant business but someone needs to do it.
Well thank you Bridgier for speaking your mind about your disgust with the concept of American Exceptionalism. I'd like to hear more of your logic. Perhaps we can discuss it over on my USA the Greate + 51 more characters
Yes..YES … YESSS… the classic liberal resentment of the USA. Let it out let it out! THIS is what I was looking for. You finally crawled out of your hole and spoke your mind. Thank You. You are on th + 878 more characters
David, David...David, you were in the smart liberal category until you stepped in this thread. Ok David, What in your opinion makes the USA the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH? Hmmm...
Since I posted here, I feel honored that Sam doesn't regard me as a smart liberal. [/quote] Gunnar I don't think you're a dumb liberal either. I can tell you don't resent America.
Bridgier, I can tell YOU so right now. HEALTHY INSURANCE IS UNAFFORDABLE FOR MOST AMERICANS UNDER OBAMA RIGHT NOW. By the way Bridgier what do you think of American Exceptionalism?
Richard you’re not very good at chess are you. You know, the smart liberals didn’t even post on this subject because they could see that I already had the high ground. Even though the title enraged + 593 more characters
One thing needs to be said, AMEN. I'd like to also add that Trump carried more electoral college votes than any Republican since Regan. You can't help but have a little pity for liberals though. Look + 253 more characters
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