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Looks like the ring is being reunited with Doug. If anyone has a found class ring or lost a ring, check out this Facebook group I was surpri + 176 more characters
A class ring finder group On Facebook found a 1979 ring with a Cowboy logo and Douglas Klein As the inscribed name. The ring was found in Texas, but the CCDHS ‘79 yearbook lists a Doug Klein. Would an + 76 more characters
Congrats to the Cowboys! Busy Saturday with that game and Cat-Griz. Blue and gold all the way! [Edited by Jody Collis (11/19/2019 12:59:11 PM)]
When I was with my young daughter at DisneyWorld a few years ago for a day, I wished I could run into just one person I knew, so that I could go on a ride or two that she wasn't interested in. 15 minu + 447 more characters
I don't recall running into any MC folks (with the exception of running into two class of 85 classmates at the Denver airport around 1991), but a truck with Miles City plates did park next to me at th + 525 more characters
"Like!" That was great!
We have in-floor heat throughout our entire house (and garage!) in the concrete in the basement and under the wood floors or tile on the other floors. My husband is in the HVAC business, so we have a + 844 more characters
Too bad they didn't catch that kick, then let the turnover happen. Bummer!
I made a donation because I think this is a good cause and I was surprised to find a lovely pottery bowl in the mail back to me. (I wasn't aware of the incentive.) Very nice! Thanks and keep up the go + 30 more characters
I voted too!
If you live in Minnesota (home to MANY Lutherans), you know it is 'hotdish' and not casserole. Jello is also a required 'dish' for any Lutheran gathering. :-)
I remember shopping at Tempo too! And grocery shopping at Buttery's and looking for fun gifts at Kosty's. My favorite was heading over the A&W for lunch after church on Sunday mornings. We'd sit insid + 127 more characters
Good job Cowboys!!
I don't know about you Bob, but I find it a little disconcerting seeing the Cat-Griz game on the screen while listening to the Cowboys game. I forget I've got two games going and wonder why things are + 20 more characters
Penalty so kick for extra point was pushed back to 25 yards. It ended up being blocked, so still 6-0.
59 yard run for a Cowboy touchdown. 6-0
I'm listening to the game via streaming radio on the Internet while trying to keep track of the Cat-Griz game. What a day for football in the state of Montana!
We might also need a diagram showing all the tangent threads that the first one spawned. Just to tie them all together.
It took my whole commuter bus ride in this morning, to get caught up on this thread. It was so entertaining, that I almost burst out laughing several times. This definitely has the makings of a + 1555 more characters
From Krissies' FB page, the treatment will be $40,000 and it will last 4 weeks in Tijuana, Mexico. Apparently, the treatment is a nutrition, mind, body thing (from what I can tell from internet search + 449 more characters
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