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Someone might want to point out to Rep. Usher, owner of Beartooth HD, that a motorcycle is, technically, a bicycle.
My thought exactly, Webmaster. For a "dieing" forum, this one seems to be taking its own sweet time. What's it been, 17 or 18 years?
Thanks, amigo.
Dave, that was the most lucid post I've yet seen on this forum. Thanks! There's no denying that capital equipment such as fire apparatus, ambulances, water/wastewater systems, excavators, graders, tru + 1080 more characters
Having not attended the public safety committee meetings in which the draft ordinance was discussed nor the city council meeting where it was passed, presumably in its first reading, it seems odd to m + 887 more characters
*The Constitution *Jazz *Baseball *National Parks *Democratic Pluralism (Google it) *President Barack Hussein Obama! p.s. - Great answer, Richard.
Good question, Larry. Thanks for the ask. I voted "YES". This forum has always had the potential to serve as a hub of democratic pluralism for Miles City. At times, it has risen to that potential. Whe + 843 more characters
Perfect analogy, Gunnar. Anyone who understands the futility of Trump's Mexican wall will understand why rushing to build a wall against the rivers is a boondoggle.
Unfortunately, I'm unable to attend the meeting on Tuesday due to a work conflict. However, here are a few of questions I'd like to see addressed publicly by either an authorized KLJ representative an + 1586 more characters
While I hate to disrupt the election rancor, a report in the Star on funding deliberation for a Section 205 study by the Army Corps of Engineers for a flood abatement project in Miles City caught my e + 832 more characters
Good morning, Democrats!
What a fine statement of support for Bernie Sanders, Gunnar.
Apart from this note at the bottom of your post, it's hard to say: Thanks, Richard.
Richard, Yes, you did say that it was Trump who claimed his running mate would be a white male, even though that doesn't appear to be true either. I misread your sentence and thank you for the clarifi + 663 more characters
Richard, Ever hear of a blogger named Charlie Clymer? I ask because he shares your views. In fact, he shares your exact words. Verbatim. Here: url Strange coincidence, no? Do you know what's even stra + 445 more characters
Webmaster, we may need an Air Quotes tag for use on expressions like "not a campaign event" when describing visits by politicians during BHS. Just a thought.
Polls rise, fall, and get more volatile as elections approach. But if Hillary doesn't enjoy at least an 8 pt. bump from Trump's lock on the GOP nomination by the primary then she makes a weak bet for + 110 more characters
Bridgier, we can begin the baseline expectation that at the beginning of each general election cycle every eligible Montana voter is enfranchised with independent voting power in an open primary and t + 1471 more characters
I'm certain "real" lawyers find the disenfranchisement of primary voters by party bosses in MT and 32 other states perfectly proper and legal, just as objections to the White Primary were considered i + 37 more characters
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