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Additional information on old topics: 1) Foster Photo Negatives. In traditional photography, there is ONE original, the negative. The photographer could make numerous photographic prints in his darkro + 1990 more characters
Janet Buraas Klein (xxx-xxx-xxxx; email address redacted), Jody Mathers Menyhart (xxx-xxx-xxxx; email address redacted), and John Tooke are organizing our 50th reunion for the class of 1968. SHHS and + 554 more characters
James O. Booen was in Miles City from 1921 until his death in 1934 at age 70, although he took pictures of southeastern Montana before residing in Miles City. Booen operated a Traveling Studio over a + 448 more characters
Sydney (spelled with a Y) Paget was photographed in 1889 by L.A. Huffman. Paget did finally gain success, but not as the illustrator of the Sherlock Holmes stories. The illustrator, Sidney (spelled wi + 761 more characters
I’m certain that this will be the ONLY time I will be able to add historical data to supplement Hal Neumann’s always excellent research. An earlier Sanborn Map of 1910 shows this info: D.L. LYTLE'S EL + 463 more characters
I believe that another local vet was Dr. Solie (or similar spelling). The Solie family lived on the 400 block of South Strevell on the NW corner of Batchelor and Strevell. The house was later occupied + 311 more characters
A tip of the hat to David Schott. I had tried finding the answer using Google Search without success, yet David found relevant results. I love facts supported by documentation. Thanks to all who poste + 2 more characters
I wonder if these options should be considered: 1) Contact Google Books. They might in some way cooperate, allowing scanning speed and OCR accuracy beyond the reach of most mortals. 2) Seek a grant. T + 702 more characters
Your hard work and significant contributions are appreciated. The site's architecture is sensible and easy to navigate. I now live in Silicon Valley, and I am awed by the programming sophistication an + 869 more characters
L.A. Huffman “Originals” versus Reproductions. Miles City’s renowned Old West photographer, Laton Alton Huffman, has been the subject of five books. This essay discusses his vintage prints, how to dis + 17347 more characters
L.A. Huffman – Some corrections regarding his legacy. The photographs of Miles City's L.A. Huffman gained additional fame with the publication of "The Frontier Years" in 1955 and "Before Barbed Wire" + 3920 more characters
L.A. Huffman Negatives I want to provide clarification on the ownership of the negatives of L.A. Huffman, Miles City's renowned Old West photographer. In traditional photography, there is only ONE ori + 4077 more characters
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