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Since I'm writing roughly 10 pages on this game, I'll keep this brief. The Cowboys beat the )&$* out of Central. Some of the hardest hitting I've seen from the boys all year, and I've seen every singl + 43 more characters
Growing up in Seattle in the 80's, I wasn't a Mariners fan. But there were a lot of nights that I fell asleep to Niehuas and Rick Rizz (sp?) on the radio calling games.
Stone- Layne didn't play much offense (if at all) in the second half. they came out with Askin at QB and Cooley at TB. They changed things up a bit and went with Stanton at TB for awhile too, both set + 171 more characters
thanks Bridgier, now I really miss Doc
I'll agree with Gunnar on the 2008 team that had a hard time in Polson. That was easily the most difficult game we played in the postseason.
They're taking off Thursday morning and going as far as Butte on Thursday and then the rest of the way Friday. And yes, it sounds like there is a large group of Miles Citians making the trip. I will b + 1326 more characters
I did a little research into when the Cowboys played a team twice in a season. I found 9 such instances (dating back to 1978, the modern Cowboy era). In those 9 playoff games, the winner of the regula + 906 more characters
Because I found the Marlins in 1993 and I've stuck with them ever since
I had been battling who to go for in this one. On the one hand, I loved the Rangers growing up (I listed Ruben Sierra as my favorite player on my Little League card) but I'm a National League guy. The + 166 more characters
an FYI, Dillon (7-0, 4-0) has not yet clinched the Southwest. They host Stevensville (6-2, 3-1) this Friday night.
This game probably doesn't deserve it's own thread, but what the hell. I'm thinking this will be in the 63-0 range. Varsity will play the first half, like Glendive, and hold a 42-0 lead at half. The J + 47 more characters
42-6 (late score). I think it takes a little longer to get the running clock than last week, but not much longer. And don't forget, I'll be doing updates from Sidney on twitter @MCStarSports
RE: MC/BC 13 years ago
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this is going to be a fun one. I'm still thinking we win fairly comfortably. I thought our corners could be a weak link on the defensive side, but they were fantastic last weekend against Belgrade. I' + 380 more characters
MC/BC 13 years ago
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Lets get this started. In my opinion this week's AP Power Poll should go MC, BC, Dillon, Butte Central, Polson. If MC and BC are ranked 1 and 2, it would be the fourth straight meeting between these t + 80 more characters
I forgot to vote this week, but if I had it would be: MC, BC, Dillon, Belgrade, Polson
The AP Poll came out yesterday I think. It goes BC, Dillon, Belgrade, Polson, MC. It'll change this week. I really don't see this one being close, somewhere in the 34-7 range.
well to be honest, I was on the road for the few days leading up to the game. I promise to never let that happen again.
I think this is God's way of thinning the herd.
it's Rick Flotkoetter's car
I noticed some of the Powell kids during the delay before they left. They wanted no part in playing the rest of that game. We were bigger, faster, stronger than they were and it really could have gott + 128 more characters
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