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You are right thy do need respect .. and Paintball guns are an amazing idea and if the cops aren't going to do anything then we do need to start a neighborhood watch just like you all said .. kids jus + 116 more characters
I feel so bad too. I live on cottage and me and my roommate are missing an ipod and sixty bucks so ya these losers need to get a life .... but I thought it was my friends but everyone lock your vehicl + 15 more characters
Add Nate Montana to the mix and pretty soon they can have their own jailbird team! A few bad seeds won't spoil it for the GRIZ. They are a class act!!
We use Dr. Youngbauer in Forsyth. Very kind and very reasonable.
Thanks (almost) everyone I will give Ace a call today!
Gee thanks, Gunnar. All other comments were appreciated though
I am no expert! My pretty new natural gas stove has a problem! The burners work great. However, it seems like there is no gas to the oven part and I can't even get the pilot light relit! I turned the + 269 more characters
Yeah, what Laurie said. She has no reason to lie.
And then somebody would make up a bunch of signs with the addresses on of people they don't like and put them up all over town...sweet revenge when those innocent people are ticketed. I say if you see + 86 more characters
Believe it or not...most just aren't on I had my two daughters at WalMart today in the Halloween aisle when a nice lady came and asked me if she could give them some $$ to let them buy + 236 more characters
Went to Albertson's for groceries today. Got as far as the parking lot and changed my mind...headed to Reynolds and got my meat. Much better quality
And then we will hear from those whom Holy Rosary Hospital and staff saved their life/life of a loved one and they won't have enough wonderful things to say. That's just how it works. Medicine is not + 209 more characters
Now THAT was funny
Does anyone know if Miles City or Custer County were represented by police officers or deputies in Rapid City, SD for the memorial services of the two Police Officers from Rapid City killed in the lin + 134 more characters
I was reading a biography about Lucille Ball and it said she lived in Montana when she was a little girl (before age 10). Does anybody know where in Montana? It also said her father, Hub Ball, was an + 131 more characters
Let this person rant. What a better place than I...for one....would be very peeved!!
.... anyone have any info?
Anyone know when there is going to be another street dance?
LOL. This tickled me...been there, done that...
to tjh,to the comment you posted after the one i made. well i guess they did considering they put me up for adoption! that was a real dick move asshole!
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