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Ideally the changing stations twelve to fifteen miles apart. Of course there were exceptions, like the first station out of Miles City was 17 miles. (For instance in 1880 there was an 18-mile run to t + 6126 more characters
FYI - Cindy. There is a list of all the weaponry confiscated from the "Invaders" - one list for pistols and one for rifles. In case you are interested, two weapons were thus identified with Joe Elliot + 114 more characters
Dear Amorette, Would you please let me know if Borchardt had anything to say about the early day gamblers? KV
Having trouble finding appropriate website: Any way to find out low temps for Miles City during Winter 1877-78? Thanks for any help, Kenny
I wonder what is the source for Chatham Ontario. The 1880 Census for Miles City lists, John Shinnick age 35 - born England - father England - mother Ireland Iola Shinnick age 40 - b. Ohio - father Ir + 238 more characters
After pulling these out of a newpaper search, I have no idea if either are the same guy: "Lawyer H. H. Voorhees, of Camden, yesterday received notice that the Court of Chancery had granted a divorce t + 332 more characters
Thanks Dorman. This is good stuff on Johnston. Also explains how he got in to Sawtell (later called Santa Monica). Evidently there were quite a few interesting Old West characters planted in Sawtell. + 105 more characters
Hi Ellen, If you do contack the relatives of Miles to share genealogy you might pass along the following: In April 1879 George Miles (24) lost his cool over a property dispute, pulled his pistol, and + 610 more characters
Hi Ellen, Actually, after some dogged research it turns out that Schmalsle had two encounters with "Big Nose" George Parrot. He was in a posse that captured Parrott (and a couple of confederates) abou + 715 more characters
Kelly, you ol' DOG! I heard you bit the dust a few years ago. They said you had kidney failure on a quart of Johnny Walker Red out at X's grave. Evidently the obit was in error. However, I can't figu + 85 more characters
Thanks, everybody. Not much showed up in a newspaper archive search: "Special Dispatch to the Standard Washington, July 15 - Postmaster for Montana, Sadie, Custer county, Olaf Nelson vis Ellen Packer + 47 more characters
Hal, et. al: Does anybody have info about Sadie, Montana? All I know is that it was several miles upstream from Miles City. Right? K. V.
Hal, When you mention 'Beidler Memoir' I assume it to mean "X. Beidler Vigilante" by Helen Sauners.(?) In regards reading Luther Kelly's memoirs I haven't had the priveledge. Can you please direct me + 11 more characters
Thanks Hal - Recently I had to research this place for a book project. At the Bozeman City Library there is an old book giving the contemporary history; building of the road from Helena, Indians fight + 207 more characters
Kelly, you ol' dawg. I almost croked a couple of times, matey. Where were you when I needed ya?! Actually my email changed (also moved to Texas), but for some reason it won't be accepted on this site. + 125 more characters
Found it! Yellowstone Journal - March ??, 1880: "DEADWOOD AND MILES CITY STAGE LINE. Will commence running Coaches the First of April to Deadwood, connecting there with stages for all camps in the Bla + 137 more characters
Not sure what this means in relation to the stagecoach line, but the postal provision came about first; evidently: According to a headline in the Black Hills Daily Times: "New mail route to Fort Keogh + 420 more characters
Thanks Ike, Right after putting up the query I suddenly remembered having the 1880 Miles City Census about four feet away. But now we've got another problem - it differs from the Hoopes info: John Shi + 234 more characters
Dear Bonnie, Do you, or anyone else, possibly have the birth date (year) for John Chinnick? Thanks, Kenny
Actually Bart, we need a time machine more than anything else. Right? But I'll volunteer to go back first. I forgot to mention, in September 1877 a Battalion of the Second Cavalry had moved out of Ton + 526 more characters
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