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Thanks! I wish the same to everyone else!
lol bridgier... I agree that the new level of bullying amongst kids this age and text/pix bullying requires that prior rules be revisited. I think that private showers should be installed, as I don't + 298 more characters
Smiley- Send me a list of your questions, and I will answer them. All I have read from you so far are unsupported claims (in relation to THIS group, not a few scattered one that you found by the very + 909 more characters
I would like to know what it is that is so offensive about those who may be contributing to be pro-life. Also, how is it that so many of you are clairvoyant and just "know" what those who are involved + 3816 more characters
Is there an article in the Star or some other means by which they are communicating this? Hopefully a posting here is not the only thing we will hear about this if it is in fact true!
Change is inevitable, even the bad, but I think that it is short-sighted for businesses to look at a dollar figure only when determining the value of an offering they may have. It would have been a go + 561 more characters
Wow. I would like to know where you get the idea that anyone is 1)forced to seek out any support or services offered, or 2)required to do anything at all! How is it that you are such an expert on this + 1025 more characters
Mary B.- I reread my posts and don't see where I said that ultrasounds were used as a diagnostic tool. I did say that they state that they hope to provide tests and ultrasounds. Sorry if this sounded + 156 more characters
Howdy, I think you need to think about what you say before you type it. How do you propose anyone would force an ultrasound on someone. It is simply offered. In addition, like I said before, if seeing + 1595 more characters
Again, how much would you trust a $1 pregnancy test? In addition, most younger women, especially teens, take about 10 and still don't believe them. By obtaining testing by a medical professional (nurs + 229 more characters
Doctors regularly do ultrasounds shortly after the first appointment to assure viability and determine gestational age. Some older physicians may not, but most that are up to date on current treatment + 12 more characters
The most accurate form of testing is blood. There can be false positives/negatives with home pregnancy tests usually due to human error. The reason most medical professionals have an early ultrasound + 350 more characters
I think that the responsibility of that lies with the physician. She mentions that she worked for him and that later she found that this was taking place. I believe that had something to do with her d + 227 more characters
I think most people are well-versed in this topic. May I ask what you have against the Knights of Columbus, and CareNet?
Here is another quote from that exact article that you referenced: "But then God-with the aid of a CBS undercover news crew-suddenly entered her life and changed it forever. Everett said a preacher en + 1999 more characters
I have made no claims about anything that I have no information about (which you seem prone to do). I did see anywhere on the site that they associate themselves with one political group/point-of view + 527 more characters
Nice post about the woman involved in unnecessary abortions. And how may I ask, do you link her to the clinic in MC?
I have not seen any posts "advertising" the Pregnancy Outreach Clinic of MC. As far as I have seen, the only threads are mine and yours, and I am not affiliated with them. I became away of their fund- + 232 more characters
While I believe the initial pregnancy confirmation steps (which the clinic hopes to provide in the future) will be administered, most of the questions would be those for the physician providing prenat + 167 more characters
Smiley, The Purpose of this clinic is not to take the place of prenatal care, and I challenge you to find where this is claimed in any way. Too often those who are find themselves pregnant are scared + 376 more characters
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