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The protest will take place at noon. Thanks, Darcy! I think it is SO great that the initiative has been taken to support Dr. Rauh. Good Luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you all!!
Thanks Jeff......I won't actually be there....I was just relaying the info that the date had been moved up. I don't think it's a crime to stand up for something that you believe in. Basically, it's to + 491 more characters
The protest has been moved up to Monday, May 11th @ noon in front of the Billings Clinic.......
I don't live in Miles City any more, but Dr. Rauh was my doctor for about 7 years. I know him to be a very knowledgeable and caring doctor, which is very hard to find (in my opinion). I, too, have bee + 1713 more characters
Wow - this is truly devastating! One more blow that MC doesn't need. I grew up in Terry and most of my family is now in MC. I have lived there on and off over the past 18 years. I know the Berry's ver + 345 more characters
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