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Feb 8th The Crowds Feb 15th despicable me 2 Feb 22nd Percy Jackson's sea of the monsters March 1. Walking with dinosaurs March 8th TBA Saturdays at 130
Tomorrow is the day, can't wait to see you all there!!!
The time is nearing
The Carnival/Party is from 4-6 on Halloween night. We've got typical 'carnival' games that are friendly for kids of all ages including younger children. Also we have a couple crafts and they won't be + 97 more characters
We've participated for years and will definitely be donating this year. What great women that organize it all!!!
I've had my storage shed hit twice in the last 8years. First time I tracked down the culprit myself, turned him in and he ended up only getting a 2year differed sentence after wiping out my entire she + 352 more characters
Me and my 10year old son were harassed a couple weeks ago about dumping garbage in the provided garbage cans prior to shampooing my car. Needless to say I've been an avid customer for years but I will + 40 more characters
Where can we pre register?
I went through the alternative school program over 10 yeas ago when it was new to miles city and without it i'm pretty sure i would not have obtain any higher education. Great program!
Seems to me that I ordered and paid for some girl scout cookies and candies before thanksgiving and still haven't received them. So either its already passed or I got ripped off.
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Aurther Christmas was a GREAT movie. A must see!!! And the digital screen delivered a crisper cleaner picture.
I own a pit bull that is about to turn 11. He is great with kids other dogs and even lets our ferret crawl all over him. These dogs are highly misunderstood and blamed for ill mannered owners. I dont + 33 more characters
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