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she went back to work at Rocky Mountain Hospice. Her last day on air was July 29th, I believe. I miss her on KTVQ!
this isn't the Mile City Walmart is it? I will most certainly not buy groceries there ever!!!!
Check Stevenson and Sons website. They have someone on there that is 33 that died. Probably the person everyone is talking about.
Our price point is up to $400.
thanks for the information. I really appreciate it!
Does Ace Hardware sell used riding lawn mowers? Or is there some other place around Miles City that sells them? If so, let me know here. Thanks!
WOW!!!! Thank God that little dog has been found. I have been following this and it just broke my heart that she couldn't be caught. Great job and now she will be reunited with her owner!!! YAY!!
Guess I better fix up the old Pontiac Sunbird I own as now it will be kind of a collector's item.
Thanks for all the information. This is just terrible!!! My thoughts are with everyone involved. Please be safe.
I have had the Christmas classic "Sleigh Bells" literally stuck in my head for the last 6 years or so. It doesn't matter what time of year it is. It will be in July when it is 110 degrees outside and + 514 more characters
Sounds like the doctor has dementia!!! So sorry to hear about what you are going through. Best of luck.
Shame, Shame, Shame on that relative who knew that poor child was being abused and didn't do anything for him. I want to know WHEN I can sit and watch the news or read a newspaper and NOT hear anythin + 199 more characters
The Great Falls fair this year has a killer country line-up. If you like the drive it would be worth checking out.
It has been years since I have heard a sonic boom. When I was a kid living in rural Brockway country you used to hear them just about once a week if not more. I remember they used to scare the heck ou + 71 more characters
Thank you Carol, that's all I wanted to know.
I saw a notice in the Miles City Star about a couple of weeks ago (give or take)where Costco Wholesale was having an open house at the Holiday Inn Express. I was just wondering if anybody out there at + 101 more characters
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