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"Thanks Ouiser, there's nothing I like better than a good piece of ass..." a lot of great baseball. The Legion team's, Harry Griffith Tourney, is going on through Sunday, eleven teams participating. The Mavs won their opener against the Billings Halos last night, + 175 more characters
Bridgier, I will see your "Branson" with a "Bryanna", and raise you a 90's name of "Sinead" GAK!
A couple years ago my mother-in-law & I crossed one off of our husbands' bucket lists and surprised them with a trip to watch their beloved Green Packers at Lambeau Field. The day before the game we w + 621 more characters
I know a girl that is going to be happy to hear this... cool! Please keep us updated.
Larisa, I sent you a private e-mail with other phone numbers to try!
My mother claims that part of the reason she named me Gwen was that she wanted my first name to be something easily spelled as she figured I would spend a large portion of my life spelling my last nam + 387 more characters
Just call the First Lutheran Church, 234-4161, and they will get you the information
Hmmmm, it would seem that my mother & I will be spending a lot of time at the movie theatre the next month and a half. What a great line-up of movies! I'm going to have to put in double time at Door 8 + 170 more characters
I went to last night's movie with my mother who was looking forward to the movie as she'd read the novel not long ago. As we left the movie I commented that I thought perhaps the movie would have been + 413 more characters
No Wendy, just because it's absurd doesn't make it an obvious joke. I worked in the office of one of the local body shops for several years. On more than one occasion I would have to politely listen t + 362 more characters
Thank you for speaking up here Andrew. I think it's a good reminder for the masses that the families of the people at the heart of some of these threads are out there reading them, good or bad. I was + 236 more characters
I read the review of Emily's book earlier in the week & filed it away in memory as "must get this ordered". Thank you for this post, I just ordered the book. Sheesh, my memory filer must be getting cl + 140 more characters
Many years ago I worked in the meat department at Reynolds as a wrapper/deli person. The first task of my day would be to pull all dated meat and any chicken that had "water" in the package. Then I go + 685 more characters
Willson Meat Processing does a very nice job! They have lots of varieties available for sausages and such. I worked with them last season and was VERY impressed with the efforts taken to make sure eve + 125 more characters
Thanks for your extra effort trying to get this put together Beth, we were going to be so disappointed as it's going to be such a fun event for grandma, mom & daughter!!!!! This is our favorite holida + 132 more characters
So...what is the status of the bus tour as someone who paid their money to surprise their little girl with a fun trip with her mom & grandma?! Do we still get to go
Denise, I would think the smaller senior care businesses would appreciate it a lot as their budgets are even tighter i.e. TLC, Parkview Caring, Corner Lot Care to name a few. The only one I could come + 230 more characters
I agree 100% Denise. The same kids that are annoying the hell out of you because they "can't fill an ice tray" might be kind enough to re-program your computer, help you send an e-mail, show you how t + 277 more characters
Richard, you had the right area. Aye's pumpkin patch is off of Sunset Drive in the Aye Addition (cemetary road area). Sunset is the last turn to the right before you make the corner to head up to Hwy + 347 more characters
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