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Gunnar doesn't post on this site to say anything worth a sh*t. He posts on here to "see himself" - it's makes him feel important. Anyone with over 4,000 posts on a social media site doesn't post becau + 56 more characters
Rob Shipley lives there.
Little trivia fact.... 3 Cowboys ended up losing to two Libby wrestlers who both ended up as 2012 state champions. Libby's head coach is former Cowboy wrestler, Kelly Morford.
This is going to put a crimp into getting the charges dropped against the other two, I suspect. url
I see nothing has been picked up here and it's past April 30th - any news on the site being demolished? Mayor??
I don't care if it was written by Honest Abe Lincoln...... still doesn't make any of the three true.........
From the radio station website; "Our information tech specialist, Josh Rath, is a brilliant young man who has been involved with major online media since December 2006, creating and managing multiple + 492 more characters
Well, if we have learned one thing here.....We don't want deer slayer and Morhead working in the CIA trying to find fake pictures!
Re: Aaron Zeller url
I don't know about all the other things in there but the last paragraph about the Koran is completely false. Chaper 9 Verse 11 (9:11) of the Koran roughly translates to: But (even so), if they repent, + 208 more characters
Roger Lothspeich is "Spike".
Does anyone know if there was a accident this weekend involving someone getting hit by a train? I was told today that there was but there was no mention of one in the paper. Maybe the person that told + 190 more characters
They lost by 18, I believe.
"AUX ARMES LES CITOYENS!" - WITH THE WEAPONS CITIZENS La chanson de révolte française- The song of French revolt Tout a fait la même chose- n'est pas? - Completely the same thing - is not? That sho + 128 more characters
For anyone that is interested - you can watch the Big Sky Tournament via live streaming video for free at url. I just watched the Grizzlies win. Pretty neat.
By his 17 posts on this subject, I'm guessing that Ford "gives a rip". And you, since you replied.
And what deserving player do you have in mind to kick off the team to make room for your choice?
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