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Reported poster message to MCPD.
Rob this is my other account. Forgot that i had it and logged in to it. It depends on how you are accessing your email. If you are using a program like the old Outlook Express, Windows Mail etc, than + 553 more characters
I feel your pain. Because of hard drive crashes and re-downloading everything, games included, Watching all my TV, Movie, and Video Content and adding a second backup computer, I am at 338 gig this mo + 146 more characters
I recognize the names, just not the faces. Some of them were my best friends through graduation. It has been a long time since then. It was a great time to be a kid.
As a kid in 1978, I remember being at the Tedesco Park playing baseball when the hail storm came in. I was there without any family or ride home, and had to start walking just before the hail hit. Tha + 614 more characters
Do you mean MTG? Cards being provided, are they random cards, or a deck?
Is there anywhere in Miles City that still collect the labels from cambell's soup. I called the Garfield school last year and they said they don't turn them in anymore. Last time I saved them I had to + 89 more characters
I think I found a picture of neonfreedoms used mattress...
Nope, Just easy to fix. 2 min in mic, and a spoon and bowl for clean up. lol. It is my version of ramen noodles, an inexpensive meal, but in a soup. Probably 60% of what I eat all month. There are als + 20 more characters
I was at Walmart today and I had a kart slam full of groceries and was making a quick run to the cat food isle to get my spoiled cats canned cat food and as I crossed by the tellers there was 3 busy c + 672 more characters
Wish in the other...
Yes the household items are free, but anything they deem not houshold does cost. People do commonly put things in the garbage bins items that would not be classified as household. When that happens th + 209 more characters
I wasn't trying to put the blame on Walmart. I was trying to point out that it isn't necessarily our staff. Yes, I agree there are alot of reasons for the store to be the way it is. I personally shop + 489 more characters
Saying it is lack of staffing is why Walmart is bare is wrong. Take shredded lettuce for one example. None had been delivered for months. Tomatoes have been poor and few and far between also. Even whe + 375 more characters
14 shot dead at 'Dark Knight Rises' screening in Aurora, Colorado url
url url
So what would it take to put in your own driveway. Is there room?
It depends on how much you are backing up. In the past I have set up a batchfile xxcopy of the folders/files wanted. The bactch file was set to run after the client left the office at night. Monday th + 1640 more characters
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