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Mark has my vote. He’s level-headed, respectful, ethical and has great integrity.
What a generous and good-spirited idea! I hope hundreds show up. And vote for Bert.
Howdy! Can’t wait for TBLWIT.
Kevin Ott--Tightline Design--url [Edited by gypsykim (4/19/2018 8:12:36 AM)]
Is it Tuesday or is it April 23? April 23 is Monday.
Children don't have "choices" about being poor--ever. And I don't know any adults that"choose" to be poor. And children deserve to be covered by health insurance regardless of their income level or th + 150 more characters
Yowza!! Can't wait. Always a delight!
If you haven't seen this lovely, touching play, you really should go! I give it two thumbs up!!
Is it possible to come to just part of it or do you need to be there from 6:00-8:00? I have a commitment until 7:00 but could arrive just after.
All I have to say is, "Go Jon Tester"!
Dave, I believe I saw dragonfruit at Albertsons or Reynolds this week. I don't remember the price.
The Montana Beauty College is still open! I use them for my pedicures all of the time. I have watched some amazing students graduate from this academy!
If you are not currently registered to vote, you will have to go to the courthouse tomorrow to register and vote. All others vote at MCC.
As someone who spends my working days traveling eastern Montana highways, it would be extremely beneficial for all drivers to have their headlights on. I run with mine on all the time. I can think of + 43 more characters
I can tell you that all three responders were necessary for my call on Sunday. If only the ambulance had responded, we would have had to wait for them to summon the fire medic and wait for them to sho + 154 more characters
It came from the ambulance and fire attendants I spoke with on Sunday.
The Lake House and then Necessary Lies. Looking forward to reading Rowland's Fifty Six Counties.
My understanding is that if you are in an accident within the city limits you will not be charged. It is only if the ambulance and fire department have to leave city limits to respond to a motor vehic + 763 more characters
That was a great book, Ike. Do you listen to books on tape?
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