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The Cop looks like he is taking a whiz
raw deer meat always seem to work
Just wanted to say Gail that I enjoyed visiting with you at the reunion. It was great to see the few from our class that showed up. I'll have to check out the pictures when I get a chance
A Free society is by nature an unsafe one do to the liberties extended to the whole. Therefore the basis of a free society should lay out the basic rights and laws of man. Ours started umpteen years + 658 more characters
But, Oh lucky she, Jerry Spence was just down the hall
I guess you are right, I never really thought of it that way before but it puts every thing into a whole new perspective. Boy what a big differance a single word can make.
I always liked the color blue, and green mountains seem inviting. Yellow floweres sure are pretty, you know a white landscape at christmas time feels real peacefull. I like em all
The only sad thing in this whole deal is the lack of faith I have in our Justice system to truly deliver some justice and compensation to the victims of this scheme. The victims of this will feel the + 96 more characters
The argument that insurance will go up does not hold water. I have and still do own houses in other towns. Let me assure you that Fire Insurance is in fact considerably higher in Miles City. When I mo + 1564 more characters
It dont believe it is proper to scapegoat the fire dept for the current situation. That honor belongs to previous City Council's. They are, and will be held accountable for trying perpetuate it. In t + 1997 more characters
Nope, that building was torn down long ago. I still remember the commercials they used to have on KYUS TV. I believe they called it the "C CLub" for short.
As I recall, you were some sort of a trumpet guru. Your brother Tracy and him were good friends as well. I also had your Mom as my home room teacher in the 7th grade. Wow, were did all this happen?
I think you went to school with my brother "Bill Corbin". He is an Airline pilot and lives in Boise, Id and (believe it or not) commutes to Denver where he is hubbed out of.
You should win the "Pulitzer" for your ongoing articles on the history of Miles City.
You know you are from Miles City when you remember "Della's Diner where the H&R Block building is now . Also when the only buildings out on So. Haynes where KATL Radio and a Texaco station .
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