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Does anyone know if there will be public ice skating all next week like there sometimes is during winter break? TIA for any info!
Does anyone know if our theater is getting Mockingjay this weekend? TIA!
Brandy Allen - A roller skating rink would be awesome!! Plus, with a rink we could have ROLLER DERBY. Billings needs some more competition!!
Waterworks Art Museum classes - url MCC kids classes - url There are also dance and tumbling camps at Studio M, and summer classes at Northern Pacific Gymnastics start next week. Hope this helps!
This article is submitted by Brian Niedge to update and inform the people of Miles City about the details of Niedgefest Fourth of July concerts. First of all, it is with great sadness that my wife Dan + 6302 more characters
Does anyone know if the Custer County Community Table still takes cookie donations? Thanks for your help!
Hi Misty!! Just thought I would pass on some links to some pages that might interest you Miles City MOPS - url Also the 2 public schools for 6th grade are Lincoln School and Garfield School. url Wate + 236 more characters
Long haired tabby kitten, on Palmer between Jordan and Merriam. Please call 852-3881 if you think he or she might be yours!
Wendy do Bill and Kerry still do the morning show on X96?
What happened to the cinnamon roll guy?
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I'm fairly certain that Reynolds always has them at their Deli If you don't see any, just ask. Good luck calming the craving!
He was fairly recently adopted, so his name is new to him, but he might respond. His name is Basil, with a short A sound. Thanks so much for keeping an eye out for him!
Solid grey, short haired, large male cat escaped from the yard. Area is Main and Strevell. Very sweet and affectionate, will come right up to you if you talk to him. If anyone has seen him or has him, + 142 more characters
Hi! Just thought I would give you some more info. The number mentioned in the previous post is correct. Mila is busy busy, it might be easiest just to come on by the studio to catch her! Classes star + 263 more characters
Only if you like being committed to a 2 year contract.
All three of those are available at the Studio M building. Studio M offers tumbling, dance, and cheer classes, and upstairs in the same building Northern Pacific Gymnastics offers gymnastics starting + 210 more characters
Angela Bundy at the Billings Clinic. She is a PA and she ROCKS!!!
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