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Oh son is going to be so bummed. He doesn't turn 5 until this summer and all he is talking about is wrestling. Well, guess we will just have to wait until next year.
As someone who bought cigarettes there when I was 15, I think that I do have the proof to back this one up. Whether the owners new about it or not...if you went to Senior High, that is the only thing + 387 more characters
I have been sickened by this whole thing. Whether or not you are pro-choice or pro-life, abortion is legal. Extremists on either side are no better than the terrorist who have attacked us in the name + 435 more characters
My doctor, Dr. Castles, with the west end clinic in Billings had me see both her and another doctor that is with her practice for my last month just on the off chance that she wouldn't be able to be t + 680 more characters
I have a dumb question and maybe it has already been answered somewhere in this massive thread...what was everyone planning to do when Dr. Rauh retired anyway this year?
Here's the thing about the Exxon, it was not a money maker. I lived in Billings before I moved to Miles City and that place has been dead since I was in high school. The only thing that kept them goin + 338 more characters
I happen to know everyone that was in the Burlap & Lace building when the fire started and I hope that people keep any accusations to themselves for the time being. Unless you were in the basement whe + 782 more characters
It was one year ago today that my brother-in-law, Yance Tell Gray, gave his life for his country. We will be putting a few things out in Veteran's Park today. We would appreciate the communities help + 323 more characters
Thank you for starting this discusssion. When I heard these comments, I was completely floored. While giving up golf may seem like a noble sacrifice to our brilliant President, I have to disagree. I w + 236 more characters
Thanks Denise, we are so grateful to all of you guys who are standing by us throught all of this. We are leaving next Sunday to go to Arlington, both of us will be going up there. My Mom is going to c + 157 more characters
I would just like to thank the community for all of the love and support that they have shown us in this difficult time. We appreciate this more than words can truly express. Denise, thank you for rem + 1116 more characters
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