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Don't tell me I don't have the facts I didn't say nothin that wasn't fact. He's a mult. felon if baseball doesn't care that's ther choice but people have the right to wonder about it. What about the n + 149 more characters
Ya it would b nice to hear from them. Seems they ain't got much of a leg to stand on letting a mult. felon coach kids when the next felon comes a long and wants 2 coach. Thought kid sports went to bac + 16 more characters
I don't get why they let him coach he's a registered sex offender
I dont know. Some times people's take on a situation is unfair. I saw someone complaining about this guy on facebook. She was mad because he had always taken her paper id before to buy cigarettes and + 506 more characters
Convicted felons can keep their guns now?
it's just common sense to me. If there was a person who knew my kid was gonna die, and did nothing to stop it, I wouldn't think about going to him to help me deal with the loss of my kid. Doesn't make + 11 more characters
Why would praying to someone who didn't prevent the trajedy in the first place do any good?
Is that some how worse than being able to hold down some type of job and choosing to milk off the government teet in stead?
There is a reason for the code. Why is it you don't think they should have to abide by the law? Is that because you support this particular candidate? It doesn't matter who placed the sign. It is on c + 84 more characters
FP in Miles City. All IRC section 501(c)(3) organizations, including churches and religious organizations, must abide by certain rules: ¦ they must not participate in, or intervene in, any political + 1210 more characters
Do you not understand the law or do you just not care?
Are you still trying to start early this year? Why not just leave it like its always been? The weather sucks this early and more games will be canceled then played. How will this work around the high + 17 more characters
Is she even old enough to drink?
Ashley, two questions. What do you pay in property taxes every year? How did Guesthouse persuade a Mensa member to work their front desk? Must be a great benefits package.
Really Dan? Not how her very first post started out.
Maybe go to Billings then and do what you want to do and then stay there. Sounds like everyone would be happier.
The true test of whose box opens up like the Grand Canyon and a good warning to men to keep out unless they like a hotdog in a hallway.
Zzzzzzzzz wanted this one out of here
Many people may not know but there has been embezzelment from the softball board over the last couple years. This is not rumor. It was admitted and money paid back. The board will be deciding to press + 955 more characters
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