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Jane, are we talking about Red Masterson?
The annual Sister Ruth Crop Walk is scheduled for the first Sunday of October -- the second. We will be meeting at Wibaux Park with sign-in at 2 p.m. and the walk to proceed immediately afterwards. Th + 116 more characters
KATL Reports it is from fires in the state of Washington. Yikes. John Pulaski (sp?) weather reports the smoke is from Canada. Probably both correct. url url url [Edited by Bart Freese (6/30/2015 6:40 + 55 more characters
Anyone know what is burning and causing all the smoke and smell? The smell is particularly nasty.
I miss my daughters being that age. I loved the summer reading program as much as they did. Now, about that Harry Potter anniversary party . . . . .
The directors are brave souls! I'm really excited to see this play, especially after looking at the posted photos.
We had Goff, too, and were very pleased with the work.
He got married and moved.
Has anyone taken over for Dr. Dill-East Montana Vision Center?
That is a great letter. Thank you for posting and Merry Christmas.
Yup. I bought a Giant a few years back and another last year. Great bikes and Miles does a great job. Just this spring they went over my 1970s Peugeot U-O10 road bike. They breathed new life in that b + 110 more characters
Don't give up hope. An older friend of mine forgot his Hotmail password and we went through the full on-line recovery process. Weeks and weeks and more weeks went by. We finally gave up and then one + 284 more characters
We need The Cottonwood Committee. If money is an issue, and I'm sure it is, fund raising could be done that is earmarked specifically for cottonwood tree maintenance. I appreciate the work done by th + 343 more characters
I don't like to see where this conversation is going. It seems anti-cottonwood. When you first pull into Miles City crossing the Main Street bridge what is it that makes a person notice the beauty of + 1318 more characters
I went to school with Craig and Aaron. Ike, anymore information?
The ice and snow hills were a lot of fun -- all the better with the warming house open ! A great December 26th. I was glad to see a pretty good group of folks taking advantage of the rink. My finger + 91 more characters
Ditto what Gunnar said. (Can I do that?)
Great. I especially like the ice sickle. Thanks for putting these up. Oh, yea, how about that fog Christmas Eve? Any photos anyone?
This sounds like a job for Phineas and Ferb!
And this place is where?
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