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What, exactly, was that attorney's bill for? Crazy, but I am still of the notion that a person should have an attorney representing them in a transaction that has to be 100% legal and fail safe. What + 1094 more characters
eeewww! Thanks, but no thanks
just had to reply and bring this link back up top! thanks
Walking in to a local restaraunt, waiting to be seated while two employees walk by without a greeting, after a few minutes we were offered a table for 2 but only 1 chair! hmmmm that's OK, I'll get my + 2321 more characters
fully agree ! now, where's the 'like' button ?
can verify it was done wrong the first time because I was in 'the audience' and notified them immediately! Don't want to go on people's court or face judge Judy! The dollar amount is not that huge, it + 97 more characters
OK ...more details ...not too specific because there's a local business involved and I don't want to be nasty. But I am being billed for a service that was a one-shot opportunity to get it right, like + 1441 more characters
would you pay a bill for a service that was received, but the service was performed totally wrong and therefore useless? The company says they corrected the issue but cannot offer me any verification, + 253 more characters
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